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You can't really see it because my camera is bad, but this happened 2 years ago: https://i27.tinypic.com/n4jrwz.jpg

I was skating down the road, and i fell and slid, and It diddn't hurt at first, I couldn't even feel it. I started to go down the the road again when I saw the bloodstain on the road and felt the blood trickling down my leg.

I have several cuts.

From my collarbone to belly button I have a scar from a woodchipper.

From my knee to my ankle I have a scar from some barbed wire.

On my arms I have several spots of acne that popped themselves and then scarred D:

Yes. When I was about 9, I think, I got an absolutely horrid cut on my knee. My entire knee was literally one scab, including about two inches below my knee. It took months to heal. I should have gotten stiches, but didn't. Luckily, the scar isn't too bad. It's only about half of my knee cap. That happened when I was riding behind my brother on a bike. We got lost, and he suddenly stopped. I wasn't paying attention, and fell right off onto pavement/gravel.

I also got a pretty bad cut on my hand two years ago from my saxophone. I was being stupid and didn't unscrew the mouth piece before trying to take it off, and my hand sliped. I got a deep cut from my palm to the end of my thumb. It was really painful.

And then this is probably the stupidest injury I have ever gotten. So, in sixth grade I was obsessed with showing people how kiddie scissors can't hurt you. Don't ask me why, I just loved to demonstrate. I had already demonstrated it twenty times at least, and I decided to show it to the kids at my science table. Guess what happened? I didn't pick up kiddie scissors. I picked up real, big scissors and just put them on my hand and cut myself. There's a pretty bad scar from that. It was bleeding a TON and my school wasn't sure whether or not they should have sent me to get stiches. I ended up not getting them, although I should have.

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