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Dec 26, 2021
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Hello! I go by Erichi or Eri and I’m a tama collector based in Manchester (uk) :tarakotchi:

I got my first tama in roughly 2004 with the launch of the connection and received a few more as a kid (up to v5). I found my old collection about a year ago and fell in love again, HARD! :ichigotchi: I now have over 18 tamas including:

a P11997 collectors edition, an Angelgotchi, a Morinogotchi, an Uminogotchi, multiple Connection v1, v2, v3, v4 and v5, a deka tama, two demon slayer tamas, the Starwars tama and a tama M!x Sanrio!
I also have a tama On and a tama Pix currently on their way to me (my Christmas present to myself lol) :hitodetchi:

I just love talking about tamas and virtual pets, I think the history is so insanely complex and interesting?! While my partner and my friends will listen to me ad nausiem, I would love to chat to people like yourselves who share my level of enthusiasm :biggrin:

Ideally I would love to connect with (and possibly meet up with in safer times) other collectors from Manchester/the uk to hang out, make friends and maybe connect our tamas! (I really wanna unlock all the locations for my M!x :mimitci:)

I’m really looking forward to chatting to everyone, may your tamas grow strong and prosper! :wub::biggrin:

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