Hello!! I'm a beginning collector!


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Mar 11, 2024
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Wouldn't YOOUUU like to know?
I go by Don, and I'm starting my own collection of these funky guys. I currently have three re-releases of the classic gen 1 and 2 Tamas. I will definitely post pictures whenever I'm able to, but It's currently 12:08 and I'm typing this out on my laptop.
The shell designs I own are this Gen 1 one that has a black base but a cool gradient flame on it, a Gen 2 one that looks like a comic book strip with Pochitchi on it, and another Gen 1 that looks like a honeycomb with TRANSPARENT PLASTIC YAAYY I CAN SEE WHAT'S INSIDE!!

I also like to keep a log of every Tamagotchi I raise (and kill, r.i.p) in a notebook. I saw that there was a forum thing where you could publicly log your Tamagotchi's life, but I like to keep my notes physical.

My current goal is to get at least 10 of the re-release Tamagotchis to wear on a chain I have, and to get some of the more complex Tamagotchis, like the Uni.

Though I am new to Tamagotchi and don't know much about the overall lore of these goofy guys, but I honestly really love these goobers.
Welcome Don~

I'm also new to the lore--I only know what I can learn from the devices, which isn't much. But that's all you need to start and have fun!

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