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Feb 8, 2023
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Hi there! My name's Cat and I live in the UK. I've lurked around the forums for a while but finally decided to make an account.

I didn't have a Tamagotchi when I was a kid. I think my older brother had one (whether it was an official tama or a knock off, I have no idea) - but my mother found it really annoying and refused to buy us any more, lol. Only a year or so ago did a mutual on Twitter post pictures of her On and I realised they were still being made.

Currently, I own a Pix and a Pix Party, and a pair of the gen 1/gen 2 re-releases. I found them fun but they didn't hold my attention for a long time. Recently my wife was clearing out her old childhood stuff, though, and found a connection v2 and a music star, which I got to keep because neither her or my brother-in-laws were interested in them as kids, and didn't want to keep them.

(Don't think they realised how much the music star goes for on eBay rn. I told my wife and she agreed to keep it quiet, LOL)

I have been LOVING the v2! The animations are so cute and fun for how simple the sprites are, and I love having a built in pause function ('pausing' the rereleases always made me feel like I was cheating, and the Pix's babysitting function was useless for my work schedule/taking the batteries out was a pain). It's nice to have a tama that I can give my full attention to on days off but pause when I'm busy. :)

Anyway, my main reason for joining was to chat more about all things Tamagotchi, and since I love reading other people's logs on here I thought I might start my own at some point. :D
Welcome to the forum :ichigotchi:

the truth you have been very fortunate to collect such good tamagotchi in your collection, I was amused by the idea of your accomplice with the music star but it is true they are very valued now!
Maybe you could not enjoy a Tamagotchi in your childhood, but I can tell you that I tube tamagotchi as a child and I really enjoy them now more than I am an adult!

I hope to read soon the adventures of your Tamagotchi! Greetings from Spain

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