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Feb 14, 2017
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(Sorry about the title, I accidentally hit the "return" button and it posted without me finishing.)

I was going to buy this 15th Anniversary ID L, but I have never seen this baby on the growth charts. Is it in a 15A shell, and it's a different tama? Sorry if I'm just being crazy, but I want to know before I buy it!

Here it is:

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According to the Tamagotchi Wikia

The Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Version is the limited edition fifteenth anniversary Tamagotchi iD L. It comes in two colors, Royal Pink and Royal Purple, and has 11 new characters added and replaced. It was released on the 23rd of November, 15 years after Tamagotchi first debuted.
It doesn't seem to mention any changes in functionality or features other than the characters

I'll link the Wikia Page for further reading

PM me if you want the growth chart but that is a legit 15th Anniversary. So all the baby, toddler, and teen stage characters on the 15th Ann are changed. I have no idea why the Wiki doesn't reflect that but that is a girl baby character and shes supposed to look like the one from the V1 only in color.


This page on the wiki may help

They changed the toddler character from the V1 to the girl baby on the 15th Ann.

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