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May 31, 2018
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So I picked up a Furby for cheap at a garage sale today and I was wondering if anyone knows exactly which model it is. It looks like this (the eyes are LCD screens):


It didn't come with any instructions so I'd like to track those down once I figure out which model it is. I used to have the old mid-2000s Furbies when I was younger but this is my first of the newer models. Also I remember the old ones coming with plastic spoons to "feed" them, was that a feature of the new ones as well?

All I can tell you is that it's a collectable furby boom. It has a tufty tail, right? Idk much else, but hopefully this helps. :)

All I can tell you is that it's a collectable furby boom. It has a tufty tail, right? Idk much else, but hopefully this helps. :)
Sorry, Berryitchi, it isn’t a Furby Boom.

This is a 2012 Furby. Not Furby Boom, just Furby.

These Furbies have a few different personalities and they differ from the Boom series with their

“old man” personality being replaced with “evil” personality.

Yeah it's the original 2012 Furby, wave 2 I believe.

Thanks everyone, that makes finding information a lot easier! I remember wanting one of these when they came out but I thought I was "too old" for Furbies... Now that I'm an adult I don't care! :lol:

I'm also curious--if anyone has/had one of these, how sensitive are they to sound when "asleep"/on standby? I was going to keep it in my room but my rats can be very loud at times and I don't want them to wake it up in the middle of the night (when the rats are the loudest) because that'd be terrifying. :eek:

And finally (last question I promise!) I know there's an app for these but how much does it really add? It's too old to run on my phone sadly.

I think the older Furby app just gives you mini-games, and you can feed the Furby with it and suchlike. I think I tried it once. I seem to remember it makes the device make a high-pitched squeaking noise that you can barely hear, which communicates with the Furby. I hate the sound though, it's at a pitch that gets on my nerves, so I don't think you're missing out on much not getting the app. :mimitchi:

I don't think they react to sound when asleep (I don't think any Furby does, if they wake up randomly it's because of a sensitive motor, not sound sensor), but they CAN have pretty sensitive motors! But less so than Booms. Just put it somewhere stable to rest on and it should be fine.

And yeah, the app isn't much of a loss. You could feed your furby on it and "clean" it, but you can also feed it like the old furbs anyway.

Yeah you're right about the mic, I guess I remembered wrong about my old Furbies! I put the app on my little sister's iPod and it works on the Furby side but the iPod doesn't seem to respond to the Furby. Ah well, doesn't seem like it's much of a loss.

This Furby is hilarious by the way, especially when it dances to music. I kind of miss the voice commands that you could do with the 2005 Furbies but I really like the animated eyes and the different personalities are interesting.

Thanks again everyone!

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