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Nov 11, 2017
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somewhere :)
Still have the plushies that came with the Webkinz tags? I know I have like 200 of the stuffed animals sitting around my house because I was so crazy for 'em. XD

I think I might have a couple in the basement.

Heck yeah! My sister and I have a box of 'em sitting in the basement.

I had a lot of Webkinz when I was younger, but I got rid of most of them in a yard sale a few years ago. There are only a few in my room as decoration (mainly just my favorites) and the rest are in my closet. So, I might have like 7 or 8 of them left, but I'm not too sure on the numbers. :p

I still have all of mine! I might be missing a couple that have just gotten lost over the years.

I keep all the code tags of my newer ones in the same place where I keep my tamas :)

My interest in Webkinz lasted longer than my interest in Tamagotchis when I was a child. I think I probably ended up with 6-10 of them and I've kept them all. Funnily enough, my interest in Webkinz started when someone gave them to me as a gift, the same way my interest in Tamagotchis started. As my interest began to wane, I never got around to using the tag that came with my... spotted leopard? All of them are now tucked away in a box in the attic with my other stuffed toys.

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