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Welcome to TamaTalk. Enjoy the forum and your Tamagotchi. Any other vPets?
I love Kuchipatchi!!! Also the white angelgotchi is on my list for what I want soon!! Which color were you going for? :3
A bit about me :
I like tamagotchis because they helped me with my mental health and they are really cute. The tamagotchi that I really want right now is the angel gotchi. I am currently running a tamagotchi on (magic) and my first tamagotchi was the chibi. I also really like kutchipatchi :) .
Hi, any new Tamagotchis?
Hello welcome, I am glad that the tamagotchi serve as therapy and help you overcome any bump or problem in life, it is always good to look for support to help us move forward! I hope to see soon the history of your Tamagotchi by the forum:ichigotchi:

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