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<-- Look what I got last night!

It was just before bed so I decided to wait until this morning to matchmake and get him married so I could get a new egg.


I chose this very traditional Japanese themed Tama for his date. She looks like an enka singer or something XD They went on a date to the beach with tropical drink to share ^^


Then I caught Dennis with a HUGE smile as they decided to marry :) Sooooo cute!!


Can't forget the smooch :)


I also forgot to share last time but a certain closes on your Tama just before giving you the new egg. It reminds me of Super Mario Bros 3 lmao.


Our new egg hatched into a girl, who grew up into this cute little thing :) This is the worse-care child but I actually think it's cuter than the one we got before.

So say hello to Denise 2 !!

I'm going to start using a character guide from the wiki to get the evolutions since I've gotten two on my own now without guides :)

So for my next one all the girls look cute enough so I guess I'll just go for Poptchi :) Apparently care mistakes are cumulative over all stages of life in this one, so I can start getting my care mistakes now as a child. I'm going to try getting exactly 2, but I'll eat 30 snacks just in case I accidentally get 4 or 5. I don't know if you have to eat the snacks at any time or if they have to be as a teen, so I'll wait and do it as a teen :p
They are cute indeed :) I love the marriage hahaha


Denise evolved into this little thing. It has heterochromatic cheeks. I can't say I like it all that much, but it's not terrible.

I have no idea how many care mistakes I've gotten at this point. I THINK it's 4. So I fed ~35 snacks today (hopefully feeding the candy over and over works) in hopes I still get Poptchi. Have to make sure not to get any more care mistakes...

Today I woke up to the room being dirty. I thought it was smoke at first and thought the house was on fire and panicked a little.

Then I ran the tamaroomba and everything was ok :p


Then I remembered that I wanted to decorate my room and give an accessory for each adult, so I changed the room to Colorful Pop (I mean, she is POP-tchi after all), and gave her the star glasses, which she seems to love.

I got Poptchi's natsuki icon this morning!

So it is time to get married...


They went to Tama Karaoke :)


And we can't have a marriage post without a smooch <3


Next we got a new Dennis and he evolved into this little guy; I made sure to keep the natsuki bar up high so I could get him this time. Now I've gotten all four child characters I think...?

This is my 4th one, right...? XD

Next on the list would be Weeptchi, but I kinda wanna go for Kuchipatchi since I like him more. I guess we'll just see how things go. Time to start racking up care mistakes...!

ETA: Oh, and shortly after taking the photo, I changed the room back to the all-white default room :)