How to Make Your own Tamagotchi! (Comments welcome)


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Aug 5, 2023
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Hi! I'm gonna show you how to make a tamagotchi, for free!
Things you'll need:

1. A blank sheet of paper
2. A pencil
3. An eraser
4. Your imagination!
:excl: Make sure all drawing is in pencil! No pen or anything else! :excl:

First, get the paper and fold it into 4 squares.

Next, think of your own baby character, child character, teen character and adult one. You can make your OWN characters or use tamagotchi's that are are already on other models.
( Make sure your paper is showing 1 square, and the rest are behind it )

Then, add the information and status for your own tama! Add a happiness bar by making a small rectangle on the paper. Make the hunger bar just below the happiness bar, by making 5 small tringle looking things with a small square in the middle ( Not touching the top of the tringles ) Add the bath icon, feed icon, and item Icon!

OPTIONAL STEP: Search up some types of tamagotchi's and maybe try to make it based off that design or details they added in that tamagotchi... Or you can make your own type of tamgotchi!

Lastly, make some rooms! Flip the paper over or unfold it to make space for some rooms. Rooms: Main room ( changeable ), Dining room, Outside, Arcade / Tama store. You can make your own rooms, places, or islands too!

How to use: Use the pencil to make your tamagotchi, if it is evolving, erase the previous tamagotchi and make the one it evolves into. When it poops, erase the floor a bit and draw it's poo. Good thing it's not as needy as the other tamagotchi's! When you make you tamagotchi happy, put a line in the happiness bar to make it like a chunk of happiness. If it loses happiness, erase the lines from the bar and make it happy by making up your own accessories for it, or making your own items for it to play with!

When something appears/disappears draw it and erase it, that's why you use pencil!
Please comment if this worked out for you or if you liked it! I hope you enjoy your own DIY tamagotchi
! happy2:hitodetchi::furawatch::angry:
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