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Sooo I wasn't aiming for a tama who has a lot of care misses but I accidently forgot about them during the growing up phase hahaha. Been busy because I've got a big Anime con coming up!
Anime Boston if anyone else is going!! Hoping to buy some tamagotchi things since its popular again!
So we got Amiamitchi! She's one of my lowest liked tama and when I drew her she looked like a creepy doll.
But I kept tweaking until she was cute and the key was to make her bangs a bit longer! So now I feel more attached to her after drawing her this way.

I'm also showing off my current charm here since I plan on switching it out soon. Wow Osamatsu days what a bigone era lol.
This next Tama is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Spacytchi!
Please excuse the pun lul.
His favorites were easy to find since they pop up early in the list, didn't have to waste too much money. I accidently skipped forward some pages when I drew him but its fine ill just draw the next few before hand.
Wanted a very dark theme since he's pretty much black but went the 90s carpet route for a pop of color haha!
He actually did end up running away becuase I was so busy this weekend...but it was after I collected all 4 puzzle pieces so I still got done what I needed lol! Bonus pics from the con since paying attention to cosplay is what made him run away haha!

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Oh gosh my first true dupe.
I accidently got Yukikotchi again. I was going for the middle care miss but ended up getting more then 8.
These middle care missed are the hardest for me! I'm good at either super paying attention or not at all haha.

Well at least I was able to give her a very different type of drawing compared to the last one haha!
Any fruits basket fans out there haha? This quote from the show always stuck with me.

I did it guys I finally got a tama with "middle care".
I usually play with volume off so i just turned it on and started counting how many times it would call out to me haha..
So welcome home Patitchi you are loved. Had to take advantage of the opertunity to draw Mamapianitchi too.
She do be lookin like a cat mom lul.

Please ignore my failed attempt at drawing a whisk XD looks..more like a microphone? 🎤
Time for a little shift!!
My batteries died again in my P's and I need to go buy more. So in the mean time I started up my newest tama. My evatchi!
I saved a page for drawing a welcome page for it but for now I drew my first Angel Ramiel who is actually one of my favs! (Well I really like his episode lol)
I'll prob start running my P's again along side of this one in the future since the Nano aren't too hard to take care of.
Bardiel was the next Angel to arrive on the Evatchi! I'm surprised there are so many Angels on here. I got the demon slayer one and I swear I had like 4 options.
Also I ordered a New Tamagotchi! I'm torn on if I want to start it up or save it for a rainy day haha. But its a model thats brand new to me what could it Beeeee 🐝
I started up my Ps again because I was afraid if it was dead too long it woukd lose my data! And I really wanna collect all the tama there (accept for the one where you have to communicate with other tama Ps because I only own 1 and they are like $300 now @.@)
The data continued fine so yay!
But I'm still running my Evatchi! Shamshel was next and he had such cute animations so I made his all cutesy. Plus his colors or so valentines like haha. He really did make an X with his arms when he was full.
Hoping around a bit here!
so I got a dupe on my Evatachi so I didn't make a page for him. It was bardiel again. Instead I put the effort into working on the "title" section of my evatchi.
But I got the batteries back in my Ps and continued where I left off!
Mogumogutchi evolved and I had recently unlocked the beach so I went there a lot to see what events would happen. Looks like its an additional minigame :D
Finished the page that starts my Eavatchi journal. This logo was kinda a pain to draw lol. Running slightly behind I gotta draw the Angel I just got hehe.