i HATE Aquapets!


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I don't absolutely hate their guts, but I personally think that they are quite boring, they just move around a bit, though the originals were very cute.

To me, you play for five minutes and then the fun is gone. I've never had one myself, but my cousin did, she loved it though, and she's 5. I'm 19 however xD

But you've gotta admit they're pretty adorable. Hahah.

I do agree with you guys that they are boring though. I bought one and it was fun for about a whole ten minutes.

Now mine sits on a shelf and collects dust. lol

Boring. Buttons break fast from the inside paint chipping after repeated pressing. And other stuff like nothing happening. Mine is in a bag in a box I rarely open. Also, is it necessary to say hate? Besides, nothing lasts forever.

Wow you guys, your being way too harsh.


Have you ever owned one? Played with one?

I find them absolutely adorable. And they are quite fun when you actually know how to play the games and play with them.


i got one a while ago and I was little then and I aways shook it around and then one day

It didn't work that well..,..
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