Japanese Connections Hatch!


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Dec 12, 2015
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Hey TT!  :D

I had this idea to start a hatch for Japanese connection versions only. A couple people have shown interest so far, but hopefully we can get a lot more to join!

If you aren't sure exactly what versions qualify for this hatch, here's a list:

  • Tamagotchi Plus
  • Keitai
  • Keitai Akai
  • Entama
  • Uratama

Because of differing time zones, the hatch will begin whatever time of the day is convenient for you on Sunday, May 3rd! 

Also, adding pictures to your entries is recommended, but completely optional. As long as you log some updates and whatever your tama is up to, that should be enough!  ^_^  For those who haven't participated in a hatch previously, you don't need to do a complete reset and start on gen. 1, as long as you start the hatch with a baby, you're all good!

I will either be hatching one of my Keitais or my Entama, stay tuned!