Karugamoland (Tamakaci) duck virtual pet- comments ok


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Disaster struck. It was a busy day, I put it in my pocket....then heard loud beeep....it got reseted due to pressure or something.
This was a chance to open up my Karugamo. When it first came I was ecstatic to find it working when I slipped the isolation paper, I did not bother to open it up.

Ugh. 25 years worth of battery rot. That battery was stuck tightly too. Removed it, tried to clean it up as best as possible. Inserted new batteries duracell lr43.

Yes, Karugamoland game uses LR43 batteries instead of lr44 like most common tamas. I have asked about it in another thread since lr44 are too big for the compartment and it does not close. Lr43s fit perfectly.

And after a reset, here we are back to duckling...
I love this pet quite a lot, and will keep playing. It is simple but elegant and fun. I will not update unless I get a new weird evolution. I want to find a gyaoppi duck or super gyaoppi in the future, and I will open up new threads if I do so to log my ducks there.

Heh, @Penguin-keeper mayhap I will be the Duck-keeper :)
This run I failed to get the dungaree duck, got different evolutions of which all I had seen before.
I was at home for the last few days, no work, so I was able to give the BEST care to my karugamo pet.

It was going to age to 9 years old, I thought this was the day of death, that I was going to start from scratch, but no! My karugamo pet is 9 years old, and is still alive, and it turned into dungaree duck! :)

This changes everything! I was so sure 9 years old was the maximum life span! Wow! You surprised me, karugamoland!

Things I noticed/did differently in this run:
When you feed a snack or main meal, the pet gains 1 kg. When you complete a set of game it loses 1 kg. You need to balance the feeding/playing aspect so that the ducky does not gain too many kilograms. Obesity shortens life, it seems. Excersise is healthy! Who knew?

In this run I took great care not to overfeed. Especially cut snacks, did not give more than 4-5 daily. As a result, it never got sick, not once. I think overfeeding makes sickness and getting sick shortens the overall life span.

Never ever totally fill hunger/snack bars, overeating causes obesity which causes cardiovascular disease and premature death...heh, feel like a medical lecture on health and longevity, but at least I can confirm it is true in this pet.
10 years old, still dungaree duck, healthy as ever. Only gained 3 kg in one day, really cutting down food and playing (exercise) more to keep my ducky healthy and fit.

I found this video, there is smart chick, a tamakaci type pet, exactly the same as karugamoland. The functions and games are the same, only it has gyaoppi chicken sprites instead of duck. They share the same programming like dinkie dino and penguin do. And look at the tips for long life:


That's what I found out all by myself. Heh. I love English instruction manuals, they are very cute and helpful. Karugamoland only has Chinese instructions on the back of the box, sadly.

There is also a tamakaci dog I found, which shares the same programming. Tamakaci is known as 'shortened gyaoppi' (gyaoppi minus weather feature) and it seems the pet's longevity is very dependent on feeding and total weight gain. How it evolves is depended on care, hapiness, discipline, etc.

I love figuring out this kind of stuff.
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Died at 11 yrs old this time. I was awake so I heard the death-march. Normaly when it beeps for attention there is fast paced almost manic chirp-chirp-chirp sound. This time it was a slow, somber chirp...chirp...chirp...like it was giving its final breath. Okay, I have to admit that was actually kinda creepy!

Rest in peace, ducky. You lived a long, happy life.
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