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May 17, 2021
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Indianapolis, USA
So the Tamagotchi Pix Party launched today from Amazon and I happened to get mine in the mail :D


The main difference between this and the regular Pix is the new PARTY menu, which allows you to play with friends. You know, all those friends you know IRL who also have a Tamagotchi Pix >_>;;;


The eggs are striped now! I picked Matcha Sundae, Science Project, and the chartreuse heart for my personality quiz. I also just took a picture of the ceiling for the picture of me lol.


Out hatched this baby boy :3

I learned my lesson from the first Pix that "Nickname" is your own name as the caretaker, not the tama's name. So I put in my name this time :p And I'm going to be calling this little guy Scotty, which is a reference to three different celebrity crushes of mine XD


Here is babby's first poo


And here he is taking a nap, with the shell included so you can see it. It's so cute :)


Eventually, Scotty evolved into Fuyofuyotchi!


We explored together and met ... Kyawatchi (I think that was her name XD)


Then we went to the park, but no one was there on this rainy day and Scotty cried a little :(

We played a little ping-pong since it was sports day. It was a little frustrating because it didn't want to register my swipes, so I kept getting scores of like 1 or 2 -_- But finally it started working better and I got 10s :D


Here is a Tama Code for other Pix Party players (alliteration!) who want to invite Scotty over for a party :)

I'm still kinda in a slump (which is why I haven't been around much) so IDK how much I'll play with this one. I am loving it but other than the Party function it's pretty much identical to the Pix XD Maybe I'll just do a couple generations for now. If you have Tama Codes please share!
Aw, lucky! I still have to wait a day before mine arrives (I know it's not that long at all... but look! I'm really excited, y'know?) Anyways, I'll definitely be inviting your Scotty to a party soon! :lol:
Yay! Make sure to send me a Tama Code so I can invite your lil guy or gal over too ^^ You can also invite from the classic Pix using one of the features to get a Tama Code (forget which one) so I might have to put batteries in the old Pix and play around with that too :O My husband thinks the Pix are ugly so I'm sure he'll enjoy two of them sitting around ^^ I actually thought they were kinda unappealing at first due to their bulky size but I've come to love them. And this new shell is super cool!

Yeah, I am very lucky, I usually never get stuff on time so I was expecting to have to wait several days to play with it and then it just showed up today and I was ecstatic hahaha.
Mine is also set to arrive tomorrow.

The main difference between this and the regular Pix is the new PARTY menu, which allows you to play with friends. You know, all those friends you know IRL who also have a Tamagotchi Pix >_>;;;
Your log has me rolling laughing over here!
Today we went to exploring on my couch and at first no one appeared and Scotty cried :( But then Wawatchi appeared and slapped 'im on the back and they played together! It was quite cute. Wawatchi is a cute one. Also the final one in the Tama List.

Another new feature I noticed is when you add Tamas to the Tama List by meeting them, it asks you if you want to save them as your favorite. This puts a heart by them in the Tama List (I did it on accident XD very easy to remove, just press B button while you have their page open). I have no idea what this is for. I'm going to totally favorite Maskutchi when he shows up though!

Got 2nd place in the prize draw today and got 100G.

Today is Leisure Day at the arcade which means COFFEE CUP!!! So many gotchi points to be won :)

I played Mission: Matching on Tamagotchi.com and got a code for a 3-course meal. Fancy!

Can't wait for your Tama Codes so I can try out the Party feature :D

ETA: Oh yeah, I also woke up late to a sick and hungry Tama :( Probably got at least one care mistake during that time. I don't know what time they wake up but I didn't get up til 11AM.
I'm going to totally favorite Maskutchi when he shows up though!
You have my blessing :angry:

Here is my party code:

I invited Scotty for a party. It was fun! I won the antenna at bingo. We took a terrible group photo outdoors. The DJ game is fun! Somehow we ended the party on a good note by cooking a rainbow cake from red and grey colors:

Later I renovated to a Halloween theme:
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Halloween in July?! Hahaha. It suits Puchitomatchi though.

Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and your code! I loved seeing what you got up to at the party :)

Annnnd that means I got to invite your little guy to a party!!

Oh and Scotty evolved today ^^ Now he is a Terukerotchi.


When the party is being set up, a bingo wheel and presents line the back of the house. Then Scotty jumped up and pulled down a "PARTY" streamer! So cute!! Before that, he threw invitations out into the sky XD

Oh yeah, you get to invite in addition to your friend you scanned the code from three other guests out of all the Tamas you've met before! So cool! So I'm guessing putting some as favorites will bump them up to the front of the list.


Here's my little buddy coming to visit with his invitation!


We also played Bingo and I won a Mamechi balloon art. Thanks, I hate it XD It's actually very cute but balloons are sensory hell for me and especially i hate when they're tightly tied into shapes like this. *shudders* I'm just going to pretend it's a plushie :3


We also played the DJ game, and at the end I cooked with Red and White and it made Drink Tower!! Scotty handed out drinks to everyone and it was absolutely adorable TwT It also made me thirsty seeing all the cute drinks stacked up... so I made some coffee IRL. Not really the same but the husband and I like to have evening coffee sometimes :p And it's better than having a soda at 730PM XD

I'm hoping to get Mametchi or Kikitchi as my adult :) If the evolution chart is the same from the original Pix, that is. I'll be ok with Kuromametchi or Gozarutchi, but Mametchi and Kikitchi are two of my favs :3
Hey again! I’m super busy right now, so even though my Pix Party got here yesterday, I’ve not been able to start it until today. :oo In any case, here’s my code! Scan it to invite my Gilbert to a party!


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Hey there ^^ I had a party with Gilbert! It's my husband's bday IRL so I pretended we were celebrating that. :)


Here's the guests arriving :)


We played Bingo like 4 times and I didn't win anything (the others kept winning after 2 numbers!!) so I ragequit Bingo and played Gift Game. Basically it's a gift exchange. I put in the drawing pad from the store and got a king's crown in return!!


Then we cooked up a giant plate of spaghetti and meatballs (black+black).


Here's Scotty passing out the portions.

Another fun party :) Thanks for the Tama Code!

Not much new happened today, we harvested some peaches from the garden trees and played Fruit Fall at the arcade. I bought the fluffy cloud even though it's 1000G (steep!!) and the fruit balloons. Have to fill up my notebook all over again on this one XD Oh yeah, I need to buy a new notepad after the party.

Sketch Book, that's what it's called XD;


Here's a new Tama Code if you want to invite Scotty as a Terukerotchi lol. Still crossing my fingers for Kikitchi. I got at least 1 care mistake today.
Today I woke up to... Mametchi! Totally wasn't expecting that. I swear I got at least 2 care mistakes. Maybe I was waking up JUST in time to take care of him each day or something O-o or maybe the evolution requirements have changed for the Party?? I kinda doubt that though. Who knows hahaha.

I got a party hat from Tamagotchi.com :3 URDM really threw me and i was like "What's a MURD???? a DURM???" lmfao there was even a pic of a little drum above the thing, I'm so dumb XD

As you may know, adult Tamas can have special requests such as "Let's eat out today" where you have to take them to the restaurant. Well, Scotty wanted to throw a party. Fortunately I was already at my computer on Tamatalk so I pulled up this thread real fast and scanned a code. I first tried sending him to a party, but that didn't work. At the party we made a big chocolate tart thing to share with everyone ^^ There was no Bingo today and I didn't feel like throwing away an item into Gift Game so we just played DJ and left it there.


Training Scotty to be a chef :3


Playing with Science Project, which Mametchi loves :)

I also learned Mametchi hates Black Burger :\ I had to watch him force himself to eat it XD But he liked the 3-course meal we got from Tamagotchi.com yesterday just fine :)

I played with him outside today so I got good pics of the shell+the screen so I didn't crop out the shell this time ^^


Here's an updated Tama Code if you want to invite Scotty over as Mametchi :)
So today I discovered Mametchi loves burgers. But hates black burgers. What a picky little eater XD

Scotty looks like he's on his way to becoming a chef. Getting the cursor to stop in the little red area is so hard! Today I got all orange. Usually I get at least one or two in the red but NOPE not today!

I blew all my money on donuts because I thought they would fill him up and replenish happiness at the same time, but turns out they don't fill hunger. Oops.

Bananas grew from our trees today.

I like getting 4th place in the daily draw because Spiral Lollipop is worth more than the money to me XDDD

Has the battery consumption been improved for the Pix Party or am I just not playing with it as much as I did with my old Pix? I feel like I would have already had had to have change the batteries on my Pix by now. But I'm still going on the original set with the Party. And I'm using the same chargies I used with my Pix.



Here's some pics :) I put the crown on Scotty and the other day we met Maskutchi in the park :)
Not much new to report, but I just wanted to say that Mametchi loves Astronaut Food -_- Cries over a black burger but loves that stuff????

Today I got lazy and fed him honey toast for breakfast to fill his hunger rice balls while filling a little happiness. But he still needs happiness. Fortunately it's leisure day and I don't mind spamming Coffee Cup because you get so many Gotchi Points so fast XD It'll make up for the honey toasts I bought too >_>;

Today, Scotty went back to his home planet. Sadtimes. I was getting attached to the little bugger. He became a pro chef though! He made math peppers or something :)


Afterward he picked out an egg and...


I got this little lady :) Not sure what to name her... I named Scotty after celeb crushes so maybe I'll name her Sayumi. It also starts with S :D

I went and did some chores and she evolved ^^ I kept coming back to feed her now and then but she evolved while I was away.


Here she is harvesting some cherries :)

Sebiretchi is my favorite of the charming adults so I might just take terrible care of her when she grows into a teen for the sake of getting Sebi >_>; I'm not a big fan of the other charming female adults. Or I might just kinda go with it and get whoever I get, like I did with Scotty (still amazed I got Mametchi tho)

ETA: Just noticed Mametchi's peppers say 8x4-3=29 which is actually true hahaha
I haven't been taking pictures or anything, as I've been super obsessed with a new mobile game called #Me, but I just wanted to let you know that Sayu evolved into Sebiretchi completely by happenstance, as I haven't been taking care of my Tamas too well because I'm so absorbed in the game lol. She's on her way to becoming a chef, though. I think since I'm so busy with the game I may take out the batteries and retire the Party after this generation.

I'm also running my new Osu/Mesu and Angel. I got Oyajitchi Angel which I love (again, by accident, but I'm glad I did XD). Now that he's evolved I'm trying to take better care of him to keep him around longer. I guess he can evolve into a secret character but he needs high AP or whatever and I'm too lazy to feed it all those pies or whatever, I don't even remember how it works XD I also think I stripped one of the screws trying to get the battery back off (I ended up giving up and just using the battery it came with; it was unopened so it still had the original factory batteries). They've lasted long enough to get me to adult stage at least >_>

The Osu/Mesu I've been trying to be a little more careful with. They are Obotchi and Ojyotchi and they are SO. CUTE. I think this may have become my favorite vintage Tama toy??? I love the sounds they make, although they are a bit needy. The characters are absolutely adorable so far. They look so derpy when they eat. I like that they still went with the "silly alien" look for the most part with these guys.

The minigame is ... kinda dumb, as it's EXTREMELY easy but it does go by quickly and make fun noises. BEEP boop boop BEEP boopboop BEEP boop BEEP boop boop BEEP BEEP BEEP it actually gets stuck in my head hahaha.

The Angel probably has my favorite minigame of all vintage tamas, though I'm not very good at it. It's rare I jump over all 5 stars. But it's also rare that I completely lose, so that's good XD
Now that #Me has died down, I'm back into being a full-time Tama caretaker! I've been taking good care of a new girl I named Scotia (it's... kinda like Scotty...??? Because I forgot I was naming them after crushes and just wanted to name it something like the first one >_>; )


Here she is a Haretchi in her newly-redesigned room! I built it around the golden dragon statue that I won from a Party :D

She hatched from a Creative egg which means she has a chance to evolve into 3 characters I love! (And Violetchi which I don't like very much lol). I'm hoping for Neliatchi but I think I already got one care mistake (these danged things wake up so early!) so I might have to do some experimenting with cooking to try to get Floral Cake. I haven't discovered it yet on the original Pix, so I might have to go through and cook with every combination to fill up my notebook again, and see if any new recipes pop out...

But I won't try TOO hard because even if I accrue a few mistakes, I can still get Memetchi or Coffretchi. Coffretchi is actually my favorite "new" Tama, even though I was complaining to a friend earlier that I don't like how many Tamas come with clothes/accessories as part of their bodies now lol. But something about her is just SO. DANG. CUTE.

I love Neliatchi, though -- I love that she debuted on My Tamagotchi Forever as a fan-made design. So cool!! So I hope I get her.

I know I can just use the QR Generator, but I wanna do it the intended way :)

Now that I'm playing with both the Pix and the Smart, I'll be comparing the two... here's some comparisons:

-Both devices are kinda clunky to use. Swiping on the Smart is really hard for me for some reason, and then the Pix buttons are... Pix buttons.
-The room designs in Pix are better than Smart.
-The Pix seems to have a bigger variety of activities to do with your Tama like cooking, arcade, exploring, etc.
-It's easier to get Gotchi Points on the Smart as a successful job is pretty fast and gets you 300GP, whereas an arcade game is kinda slow and gets you 200GP.
-The menus are a little more tedious in the Smart compared to the Pix. You have to press home button, long hold the food icon, long hold the meal option, long hold the rice ball, then long hold the OK button. Then to feed a second time you have to long hold rice ball and then the OK button again. On Pix, once you get to the feed menu you can just mash the B button to continue feeding bagels.

Overall I'm thinking the Pix is the better device, BUT I've already grown VERY fond of my Pix and only just started with the Smart. I'll likely have a much different view once I've gotten to know the Smart a bit more. It's not that I don't like the Smart, it's just that as I play with it I keep thinking "Oh, this is easier/better/more fun on the Pix" with everything I do XD

Except for the drink serving game :) I love that on the Smart lol.

I woke up today to Scotia as Neliatchi!! Yay!!

She's also learning how to play the trumpet. I'm so proud of her TwT

I love her little music room; it's so adorable! Quite fancy looking, too. I love the piano.

I've been making sure to play lots of arcade games with her to keep her on the musical route. Everyone in my original Pix and my first two in my Pix Party became foodies.... except for my original Ginjirotchi who I played tons of games with... definitely want to get a different career path this time! Plus playing an instrument is so cool, Barry the Ginjirotchi became a dance idol lol.

Today is sports day which means I get to play Ping Pong ^^ Though it's a little annoying because the swipes don't register sometimes XD

I think my favorite game might actually be Fruit Fall. I always say it's Coffee Cup, but the reality is Coffee Cup is just the best for farming Gotchi Points, but it's not necessarily the most fun game. Fruit Fall and Ping Pong are probably the most fun of the games.
Today I was playing around with items and discovered Neliatchi's favorite. The scuba set and badminton set. I don't play with items much so I was surprised to learn that when it is their favorite item, they get a different animation! I actually thought Mametchi's animation was different for science project but I thought I was just misremembering, so I guess I was right after all!!

With the scuba set, the room actually fills up with water o_o

And then the badminton set was very fun:


First, the goalie guy (forget his name XD) hits the shuttlecock into the air...


But it splits into seven separate ones!


Denise panics for a second, but then floats in the air with eyes closed and summons 8 rackets XD


After a flash of lightning, all of the shuttlecocks burn up except the last one, which she returns and celebrates.

Very funny animation, I did it like 3 times just to watch it again XD

But now I'm worried it's going to change her career path... guess it's time to go back to the arcade!