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Jan 22, 2012
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Here's a list of as many Tamagotchi songs I could find. :) You can click the links to listen to the song on YouTube.

Some don't have links because the song wasn't quite appropriate for TamaTalk. In this case, just search for the song title and artist on YouTube.

Some songs I can't find anywhere on YouTube.

Opening and ending themes:

Tamagotchi - Kigurumi [Tamagotchi: The Movie theme, click here and start at 0:35 to hear it in English]

Chiisana Hoshi - Kigurumi [Tamagotchi: The Movie ending theme; only used for the Japanese version of the movie]

Green Flash Densetsu - Pabo [Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe Japanese ending theme]

GO-GO Tamagotchi! - Yuria Nara [Click here to listen to it in English]

GO-GO Tamagotchi! - Lovelitchi and Melodytchi ver.

GO-GO Tamagotchi! - Mametchi, Doremitchi, and Sopratchi ver. [Can't find it...]

GO-GO Tamagotchi! - Hapihapitchi and Chamametchi ver.

GO-GO Tamagotchi! - Memetchi and Makiko ver.

GO-GO Tamagotchi! - Flowertchi and Telelin ver.

GO-GO Tamagotchi! - TamaTomo ver.

GO-GO Tamagotchi! - Hitomi ver.

GO-GO Tamagotchi! - Mametchi ver.

Tamafriends Forevermore - Shoko Haida [Click here to listen to it in English]

Moshimo Paradise - mao

Like and Peace - Dream5

Smiling! - Lay

Kirakira Every Day - Dream 5

Kizuna - SHU-I


Janken PON! - Dream5

I★my★me★mine! - Dream5

Doremi Fasorairo - Dream5

Kitto Zutto Happy! - Dream5

Rock 'n' Heart! - Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi

Powerful Beat! - Mametchi

Miracle Travel - Miraitchi and Clulutchi

Itsuka Itsuka - Mametchi

RAINBOW - Hitomi

Baby I - Ariana Grande

Other anime songs:

Every Lovely - Lovelin [Click here to listen to it in English]

Every Lovely Violin - Lovelin [same as above but with violin music]

Happy Happy Harmony - Lovelin

Happy Happy Harmony Special version - Lovelin, Yumemitchi, and Kiraritchi

Happy Happy Birthday - Lovelin [Can't find it...]

Miracle Kitchen - Lovelin

Happy Heart - Lovelin

Smile For Tomorrow - Lovelin

Melodytchi's Waltz - Melodytchi [i can't find a clip of it from the anime so the video is a piano version of it]

Lovely Melody - Lovelitchi and Melodytchi [i can't find it...]

KiraKira Dream - Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi

KiraKira Dream Happy Birthday version - Yumemitchi, Kiraritchi, Pianitchi, Himespetchi, and Memetchi [Can't find it...]

Rainbow Melody - Lovelin

Hop Step Dream - Furifuritchi

Oyaji no Hanamichi - Oyajitchi

MPC Theme - Moriritchi, Candy Pakupaku, and Coffretchi [Can't find it...]

MPC March - Moriritchi, Candy Pakupaku, and Coffretchi

Coffretchi's Make-up song [Can't find it]

Tamagotchi-based songs by bands and singers:

Tamagotchi (Tschoopapa) - Sqeezer

Don't Cry Tamagotchi - Jagan

Together Forever - Daze

La TamaDance - Lorie [French]

Tamagotchi - Die ärzte [German]

Tamagotchi Parody song [spanish]

Tamagotchi Dance - Unknown

Teamomutcho Tamagotchi - Unknown

I Love My Tamagotchee - Looner [The way the artists sing is rather crude to me but I guess it's not really inappropriate owo;]

Pocket Tamagotchi - Josip on Deck [No link because it has profanity]

Tamagotchi Baby - Eraserheads [No link because it has some suggestive lyrics]

Tamagotchi Press Officer - Momus [Can't find it on YouTube but you can read the lyrics here; parody song]


I think that's about it. If there are any I forgot, or if you found videos for some of the missing links, let me know! o3o

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