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Dec 21, 2022
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As I posted in my introduction, with my return to the Tama lifestyle I was aiming to get Mametchi on my vintage P1 for my first Tama (in honor of the Mametchi that was my first Tama ever as a child).

Well he hit that 7 Tama year mark today, and the Goal is complete!


Given the long lifespan of these guys, it will be a while before my next target on this Tama unit (thinking Bill or Ginjirotchi).

Welcome home buddy, here is to many happy days (Tama years) to come!
At the time of posting this, I have recieved my Tamagotchi Pix (wave 2 Nature Green). So far I am really liking it, and it fits nice in my hands. My goal for this thing is to learn the ropes and just have fun with it for now, while keeping track of my milestones. Other objectives will come with time and I look forward to sharing this experience with anyone using the QR codes on this site.


This will not hold back my original goal of aquiring all P1 and P2 tamas on my vintage models, as they work great side by side with the Pix.

This actually puts me at running three VPets currently if you include the Retromon app on my phone, and when my Mimitchi Comic shell P2 shows up my physical collection will be up to three as well (4 if I decide to get the Mametchi comic shell to match).
So today I have gotten my first adult Tama for the Pix…Ginjirotchi!


And so far it looks like he wants to be a performer, as we have unlocked the performance room on this blind run. I did look up why I got Ginjirotchi and that particular room after the fact out of curiosity though (minimal care mistakes for my egg, and lots of time at the arcade, park, and exploring). So far his performances are a hit!


I will continue to update my progress, but for now here is his QR code for anyone that might want to have him over. All and all I am loving the Pix, and very glad I decided to give it a go.

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Second update for today, we had our first three playdates from Tamatalk! Here are some highlights…


@tamaninjacat , the cupcakes our Tamas made with eachother were delicious. Leftovers were not an option!

@orangeslushieplushie , our buddies worked hard on a new drink…and they ended up making Friend Shakes! Quite fitting for the occasion if I may say so myself.

@chiaki , our Tama went on an adventure and even made a new friend! The group had fun investigating the mysterious flower dome that appeared.

That is all for now. If anyone uses my QR code posted here for playdates I would love you to share what they did in this log. I would love to see it!
Hello everyone, today’s entry is a collection update. Look what showed up in the mail today!


The Mametchi comic P1 Tama and a blue carrying case for my Pix. This was an anniversary present from my wife, since she knew I was getting the Mimitchi Comic P2 in another week and I wanted a P1 that matched.

I think once Mametchi passes away on my current P1 (sunset) I will give it to my son and stick to this as my main personal P1. He likes it because it looks like a fireball, and wanted one for himself. No real reason for me to hoard both when I can save money for something else for the collection.

This puts my very young personal collection at Mametchi Comic P1, Mimitchi Comic P2, and Nature Green Wave 2 Pix.
Two things to update today…

One is that my Mametchi Comic Tama is being run in the New Years 2023 hatch! Check his progress and everyone else’s here if interested. The goal for this little guy is to become a Maskutchi (and by extension Bill).

The other is a little more on the sad side. Mametchi is reaching his senior years at age 17. He seems to be losing hearts faster than Marutchi now, and overtime he will increasingly need more care. This might be his last week with us, but I am here to take him as far as he can go!

Today is a sad day, as Mametchi has passed away at age 18. Last night he hit critical condition, losing a heart every 16 min (old age for the rereleases)…and I thought I could bring him into his 20s by checking in every hour. Had this been last week, he would have lived longer. But unfortunately my job had other plans, as I ended up being tied down for just over 2 hours and having my lunch pushed back (which was when I was going to check in next). It was during that period that he left us. RIP buddy, it was a good run.


Another thing I have learned today…I had also scheduled a “meet up” to happen today on my Pix, and was unable to use the sitter function. Turns out that from a care perspective if a sitter is not present, the Pix requires more frequent attention than the vintage gen 1 models (not compared to old age of course). I know this because in the same time it took my Tamatchi to lose 2 hearts in hungry/happy…my Ginjirotchi on the pix had completely emptied all six hunger nodes, and it had already been counted as a care mistake as the attention icon was not there (though he is already fully evolved and we are Best Pals, so damage done by this was minimal).

So all in all, though we lost Mametchi, the progress toward goals for my other two Tama’s were left unaffected by today’s chaos. Tamatchi lost only 2 hearts in hungry or happy at most so there shouldn’t be any care mistakes to prevent him from turning into Maskutchi. Though he did have two piles of poop, I believe in the gen 1 models this doesn’t count until much more than that (8 I believe, which I don’t even know how that is possible). Further updates on his evolution will be found in the New Year Hatch thread.
Today we have an update one Pix news! Ginjiratchi has returned to his home planet, and became a Noodle Chef!


After crying over some pictures he took with him, he wanted to give something back. Turns out Ginjiratchi is now a Dad, and he sent me his baby girl to take care if. I am honored that your childhood with me was so great you see fit to entrust your own daughter to me. I won’t let you down!


He left her plenty of funds to help her drive toward her future goals. She is still young, but she has told me she wants to be either a fashion designer or a singer. She is growing so fast!


Good luck Ginjiratchi, our time together was great! I will always remember being “best pals” with you for generations to come!

I will continue to update progress of his daughter as time goes.
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We had a double evolution today, as my Mametchi Comic P1 just became a Maskutchi and our Pix tama has grown into a Haretchi.



Tomorrow I plan in settng her up on some playdates, and I hear that she may even get a visit from Ginjirotchi’s old friends as well. More updates to come!
This will be the final entry in this log, as it has served its purpose. I created this log to cover my return to the Tamagotchi lifestyle, and we have covered that pretty well with now two Pix generations, Mametchi returning as my first Tama on P1, and Maskutchi being here for the new years hatch. So with that, one last piece of news.


Lovelitchi has gone home and pursued her dream as a fashion designer. We became best pals and she sent me her new daughter (green egg) to start my 3rd generation. We have a creative one on our hands!

In other news, I have recieved my Mimitchi Comic shell P2 to go with the Mametchi shell P1! I now have the matching pair, and they give off a vibe that they should be run together.


Not sure if I will be expanding my collection of P1 and P2 shells, or focusing on other models. But if I do, these will likely remain the two I normally run.

What does the future hold? Well for starters I will still do logs, even though this one is done. I will make one specifically to announce my Pix generations and give QR codes so you all can recieve gifts and go on playdates! (unfortunately Lovelitchi left before I thought to get a QR code, so she will not be available for playdates)

My next Tama to add to my collection will either be a Tamagotchi Angel or a Tamagotchi ON, have not decided yet but that might be a few weeks because I want to fully enjoy the ones I have before running other models. When the time comes, they will each recieve their own dedicated log to share my experience with them.

And that about sums everything up I wanted to say. Thank you to those who followed me in this journey, and I hope you will look into my other logs in the future as well. I would have loved to keep this going, but as I get more tamas I could see the future being disorganized as time went. More focused logs just seem like a better way to go.
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