Long-Lived Oldies Hatch II Log


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Apr 28, 2013
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I forgot to make this topic yesterday. :p WELCOME TO THE LONG LIVED OLDIES HATCH II!!!

This is the log for the Long Lived Oldies Hatch II. (It's not to late to sign up: https://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/188341-long-lived-oldies-hatch-ii/). The following are Participating:

2pVaporeon (V4.5)

TamaGuyJayy (V2 or V3)

ultratamagirl (V4)

TAMAmaybeth (Didn't say what tama)

tamastar133 (Didn't say what tama)

Me (V4, my V4 hasn't left yet so I might have to use my V3)

oddsandendswithlove (Osu Mesu pair)

Happy logging! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

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Just got back from work an hour or two ago.. here's midna!! and she evolved into a Tamatchi. Sorry i thought the name was appropriate for the shell and background. This is my first time running this tama and i'm quite attatched to it already. Customization makes all the difference. Anyways i'm excited for this hatch and hopefully midna turns into something dark or evil looking to go with the shell, that would really make this hatch for me, but regardless, if i get a character i've never had before, i'll be just as happy. And if not, then oh well! happy hatching.

Okay i'll start again I got a baby boy and decided to name it Mikey. So it is now a Baby so soon it will be a toddler not much he is doing now I MUST FINISH BABY HOUR! Also TNC I forgot to metion my tamagotchi version it is a v3 :blink:

EDIT:Maybe tomorrow i'll try to add images mkay?

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Well I had to use my V3 because my V4 won't be leaving anytime soon and I don't want to restart it. He's a freeloader. XD Anyways, yesterday I started my V3 and got a boy. His name is Taffy. He's a Tamatchi right now. (Like Minda). He's kinda overweight but we'll work on that. :p Taffy has been connecting with my brother's V1, Danny. (Right now Danny is lost). That's all for now! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

argg my tama still isn't here!! i thought it would be here by now. :( oh well looks like i'll have to hatch mine late or miss out :(

argg my tama still isn't here!! i thought it would be here by now. :( oh well looks like i'll have to hatch mine late or miss out :(
Feel free to hatch your tama whenever you get it! Late hatchers are defiantly welcomed!

Well as a toddler he was a Mizatamatchi and as a teen uh I forgot the name but it's a bad care teen oops! Not much happen then.

Well I have had to put Taffy on pause because of school and church, but he's a teen now! He's a Pirorirotchi... bad care. :p Oh well, hopefully I'll raise a average care adult. His weight is down to normal now so... yay! That's all I've got for now. :3

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