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Apr 16, 2018
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★ What are Magical Witches?
Magical Witches or also known as the “Four Elements Communication books.” is a series of magic book shaped virtual pets released by Bandai in 1998.

The player must train and take care of their mischievous witch through the spellbook. You are expected to make magic, casting spells, pranking another witch and do much more. The more care and training the player provide for the witch, the more the witch becomes stronger and able to use magic.

★ The four elements:
Magical witches come from the world “Witchelny”. Within Witchelny there are four different groups of witches. Each group represent an element that their witches specializes in. If you are interested in the lore of Witchelny you can click here to read more.

The four clans of Witchelny are:

★ The device:
The device is in a book shape that fits the hand palm. It has a face cover that you are able to close it and open it to reveal the screen and the buttons.
- for scrolling and selecting through options and menus.

- to confirm your selection.

- to cancel/go back.

- for connecting magical witches together.
★ Summoning the witch:
After pulling the tab you need to press the reset button. A beep sound followed by one of the elements marks will appear on the screen.
First you need to adjust the clock correctly by pressing to access the clock screen. Press to set the hour, press for minutes and to confirm.

You will wait approximately five minutes for your witch to arrive.

You will be greeted by one these baby witches:

Now let’s take care of our new magical witch!

(NOTE: there will be multiple posts for the guide due to the picture limit)
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★ The icons:
1. First icon
is Health: where you can check for your witch hunger meter, happy meter, weight, age, magical power and element(s).

First page is for the age and weight. The witch age will be calculated in days and weight is measured in pounds ‘lb’.

Second and third pages you have HUNGRY and HAPPY meters. The hearts indicates if the witch is either hungry or happy, the more hearts the better. Making sure your witch is healthy and happy is very important so it will be able to practice magic and becomes a stronger witch.
Fourth page is the Magical Power (MP). It helps the player to check the witch’s Magical Power. The witch always starts with 4 points and depending on your care and training the Magical Power (MP) will keep increasing up until 24 points. Practicing magic or casting spells will decrease the MP. One of the methods of recovering the Magical Power is making sure the hunger and happy meters are full, or wait for the witch to sleep so the MP will recover to full the next day. Number on the left is the current witch’s power, and the right number is the maximum MP level for the current growth stage.

Fifth page is the witch’s elements and attributes. All elements symbols are presented in this page, the lit symbols means that your witch specialises in that particular element. By connecting with another Magical Witch(s) from a different group, other symbols will be lit which will affect their growth. (More on evolving and compatibility will be explained later).

2. Second icon is the Bag: while you are training your witch, you will collect items and ingredients that has various effects. All the items you have collected will be stored here. You can have 15 pieces maximum of each item. Number next to the item is the number of pieces you have:


Here is the list of all the items you can store in the bag and what affect they have when you use them:

※ Note: the first three items Seed, Fruit and Medicinal Herb are already available and are unlimited in quantity.
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3. Third icon is the Cauldron: here you will be able to mix the ingredients you collected to create new items. You are able to mix three ingredients to get a new item. After every successful attempt you will get three pieces of the item you have created.

However, not every time you try to use the cauldron you will get an item. Sometimes if the witch is exhausted or unlucky, it will not create anything and the magic will explode!


Sometimes, after the explosion you will see your witch not looking good!

This means your witch is sick. Use the Medicinal Herb that is available in the Bag (2nd icon).

※ Note: sometimes it takes the witch more than one Medicinal Herb to recover.

The following list includes all the items you can mix in the cauldron:
mixing list.png

4. Fourth icon is Magic: there are two different options CURE where you can cure your witch or another witch, and CURSE to cast a spell on another witch when connecting them.

The following two lists are for both cure and curse magic:

There is also a PROTECTION magic list that contains magical protection spells. It helps the witch to cast a spell randomly in order to protect itself from getting cursed. The protection magic spells are included in the CURSE option.

※ Note: when the witch grow, some magic spells will be unlocked/changed in all three categories.

5. Fifth icon
is the Toilet: When you see a poop simply chose this icon to clean after your witch! One thing to keep in mind is that after you clean the poop, it will be stored with the other ingredients in the bag!

6. Sixth icon is the Lights: when it’s time for your naughty witch to rest you need to turn off the lights.

7. Seventh icon is Go-Out: this option allows your witch to go out and use the broom in a magical ride to collect items. However the items are completely random and in some cases the witch will not bring anything when it returns.

This option will become available when your witch evolve to the second gen/stage, and it will call you the first time. After the first magical ride call, you will be able to do it at anytime onwards.
go out.PNG
8. Eighth icon is the Attention: when your witch needs something it will call you and the attention icon will be highlighted. You can check what it needs by selecting Health icon.
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★ Communication compatibility:

Before connecting Magical Witches we need to understand how the relationships between them work. Taking the four elements water, fire, earth and wind into consideration, some elements cannot be mixed with one another. That means magical witches can like another witch if their magic elements are compatible and become good friends, or dislike another witch and become enemies. The following picture will show you how the connections between the four elements work:
Great relationships: Aquary and Earthlin together. Baluluna and Eneruge together.

Good/ok relationships: Aquary and Baluluna. Eneruge and Earthlin.

Bad relationships: Aquary and Eneruge. Baluluna and Earthlin.

A great relationships means these clans are happy with one another and they will mostly get a long.

Good/ok relationships means they are not necessarily good friends nor enemies. There is a slight chance they will be good with each other.

Bad relationships will mostly end up in a battle between the two clans. Better prepare your witch before connecting.

★ Connecting:

These metal ports can be found on the right side of the device and are used to connect Magical Witches together:

connecting 1.PNG
connecting 2.jpg
You can send items, cure and even curse another witch! Magical witches love mischief after all and the stronger or higher magical power they have the more pranks and curses they do. Sometimes while connecting them they will NOT necessarily send the selected item, instead they will curse the other witch.

Cursing another witch: You will not be able to select a curse spell to cast on another witch. You can connect Magical Witches and see what happens, simply press on both devices and then press on one of them to connect.

Sending items: Go to the Bag (2nd item) and make the item you want to send displayed. Then press on the witch that is sending the item. On the receiving device, press and make sure both devices metal ports are connected. On the device that is sending the item press .

※ Note: both cursing and sending items is random.

Curing another witch:
Go to Magic (4th icon) and select the CURE option. Scroll through the spells and make sure the spell you want is displayed, then press . Press on the other device. On the device that is curing press .

This table shows different scenarios of Magical Witches when connecting them:

battle outcome.png

★ Life cycle and growth:

A witch lifecycle takes six stages of growth. Gen 1, Gen 2 Gen 3, Gen 4, Gen 5 and Gen 6.
life cycle.png
Magical Witches evolutions relies on the connections made between them. First three growth stages you have a regular witch that doesn’t need another device to evolve into a certain character. However, the connections to get a certain character start from the third generation/Gen 3 and onward. If no connections were made with another Magical Witch(s), the witch will stop evolving after Gen 3.
The following growth chart shows each clan and what characters you’d expect to raise. The symbols beneath the characters are the elements/attributes of each witch. The lit symbol indicates that the witch has mastered that element. More than one element can be lit, which means that there was a connection with another witch from a different clan.

growth chart.jpg
(Thanks to @MagicLad_Ty for allowing me to use the growth chart)

※ Note: to check the relationships types refer to the Communication Compatibility section.

Generation 1 - 3: you will get a regular witch that has only one element which is the element they are born with.

Generation 4:

MASTER with only one element and it’s the element they are born with = Eneruge/Earthlin/Baluluna/Aquary

MASTER with two elements, first element is that particular witch clan element with another ‘Ok relationship’ element = Eneruge/Earthlin/Baluluna/Aquary

SAINT two elements, first element is that particular witch clan element and element of ‘Great relationships’ = Earthlin/Aquary

DEMON two elements, first element is that particular witch clan element and element of ‘Great relationships’ = Eneruge/Baluluna

Generation 5:

WISEMAN three elements being the default witch element and other two elements come from ‘Ok relationships’ and ‘Bad relationships’ = Eneruge/Earthlin/Aquary

SATAN three elements being the default witch element and other two elements come from ‘Ok relationships’ and ‘Bad relationships’ = Eneruge/Earthlin/Baluluna

HERMIT three elements being the default witch element and other two elements come from ‘Ok relationships’ and ‘Bad relationships’ = Eneruge/Earthlin/Baluluna/Aquary

GOD three elements being the default witch element and other two elements come from ‘Great relationships’ and ‘Bad relationships’ = Earthlin/Baluluna/Aquary

Generation 6:

SOUL with all four elements, this is the ultimate witch level and you now have a very strong witch that has mastered all four elements = Eneruge/Earthlin/Baluluna/Aquary


The FOOL with no elements. This is the worst character to get as it has no magical powers and usually happen when the player doesn’t train their witch or take care of it very well. The FOOL can be triggered at any growth stage. = Eneruge/Earthlin/Baluluna/Aquary

★ Ancient Magical Bomb!

I saw this creepy smiling bomb, what is it? what should I do?

Well… this is bad news! Somehow you triggered the Ancient Magical Bomb and you have less than 50 hours to say goodbye to your witch. You can defuse the bomb by simply taking care of your witch, but that is not guaranteed as it might appear again. The ancient magical bomb trigger the witch when you neglect it and don’t train it enough. Be careful connecting with a device that has the Ancient Magical Bomb because it will infect the other healthy witch and kill it!

★ Witch departure:

When the witch dies or it’s time to head back to Witchenly, it will say it’s final goodbye with this meter:


The happy meter indicates how thankful your witch is with the care and training that you’ve provided. To start a new magical adventure press andat the same time.

★ Clock and sound settings:


To switch the sound on/off, on the normal screen press both andat the same time.


Adjusting the clock:

To change the time, press to display the clock screen and press both andto change the time. Press to set the hour, press for minutes and to confirm.

12/24 hour display:

Press on the clock display screen to turn the AM or PM display and switch to the 24 hour display. Press again to return.

★ References:

TamaZone- Magical Witches Charts
Wikimon - Magical Witches
Twitter - Growth Chart
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