Mametchi Playdate codes for Pix + Pix Party


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My Tama and your Mametchi made Friend fish pastries together 💖 It was so cute

And I looked at my friend list, (you were on it) but your Mametchi is 84 years old?!
That's right! I got Mametchi up to Best Pals and have kept him around ever since.

I'm planning to keep him going until he reaches age 100, at which point I'll be giving the Pix a bit of a break and switching back to my P2. That run will be logged from start to finish in a separate post!
can pix and pix party play together? i have tryed to figure out this by doing research and nothing has helped im trying to get my niece the pix party and my nephew the pix my niece likes the pix party bc of the party feature and they both love when they get somthing that they can play together with.
Pix playdate here!


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