Minecraft Server Idea: Good or Bad?

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Sep 3, 2009
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My brother and I own a server (don't ask to join from my topic)

it has been running for nearly a year now and things are getting stale (boring) and fiery (people are arguing and picking on each other In real life like at school)

So my brother and I did some thinking, and a conclusion was to aim a bit more RPG styled. The idea was to make a single (or maybe two) towns, with the use of the Towny plugin we have, and instead of people making there own there only choice is to join this one (or two) town(s). of course you can remain an outsider and live on your own, or team up and become a small colony. (more ideas to be added later)

Advantages of being in a town:

Protection from monsters and PvP (well at least from fellow town Residents)

Supplies from trading (we have the "Iconomy" plugin for in-game cash)

The ability to be voted Mayor of the town! (elections for a new one every 1-2 weeks maybe?)

[More advantages to come]

Advantages of being an outsider:

Ability to kill any player (even towns people)

can live anywhere on the map (but not within town limits)

can stay the night at inns (people from other towns may do this too)

Trading is possible but they may not let you in if they wish not to.

[more advantages to come]



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Mar 26, 2008
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The Stars
I am really liking the idea of an RPG based server.Perhaps you would add "classes" players could be, each one having different perks. An example of this may be a Fighter could do more melee damage than normal, or a Cleric would rapidly regenerate health, but wouldn't be able to damage other players with swords.

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