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Sep 8, 2020
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In my bed because I'm sleepy 24/7
Hi everyone! Making a fresh log as I am not currently running my v6 now as I don't have many cell batteries rn. I am currently running 4 tamas as I like to run multiple at a time. (thank goodness for babysitters) I am currently running my v4.5, Wondergarden ON, and 2 PIX'. I have more tamas in my collection and I am open to requests on what I should run next and will run it once the current generation of what I want to swap out has run its course. Throughout this log, I may run more than 4 or may run less depending on how I am feeling. Anyways Ill do my best to keep this updated! Now let's get onto the main event.

This is my 4.5 tama. It was my very first Tamagotchi so I love it a lot. I've had it since I was 7 years old back in 2012. I just remember having it on my backpack and I almost always remember having the Tamagotchi Hitodetchi while in 2nd grade. I loved it so much but unfortunately, as a kid, I had issues with remembering to feed it 😬 Well now I take super duper good care of my tamas so I haven't had a death in a long time. Anyways let me get out of memory lane haha. My current data had young ura memetchi. Shes so cute! I hope she evolves into Ura Memetchi as I think her Ura form is adorable.
Screenshot 2023-02-23 141213.png

Onto my Wonder Garden ON. I have this beautiful little space girl. She just evolved into an adult this morning. I may marry her off tomorrow or so. Im trying so hard to get a boy as I have been stuck with girls the last 4 generations.. :tongue: Hopefully the next tama is a baby boy!
Screenshot 2023-02-23 141315.png

Onto my Purple PIX! I have Himetchi! Shes such a cutie! Originally I was going for Mimitchi as she is my true favorite but I guess I loved her too much as a teen lol. maybe next time I can get her. Himetchi will probably be going back home very soon though :< I don't think our friendship is high enough for her to stay.
Screenshot 2023-02-23 141301.png

Finally this is my Geen PIX and newest tama! I have this silly boy named Shimagurutchi who also just evolved this morning. he is such a cutie! I wonder what profession he will go for.
Screenshot 2023-02-23 141237.png

I hope you all enjoy my Logs. I will do my best to keep up with it. Im not sure if my collection info is public so I may try to fix that if it isn't. My recommendations are open on what tamas I should run with these, or swap one out.

Bye for now! :>
Give it up for day two! Today some tama's have more to share than others so some parts may be a bit lackluster today. I'm just gonna hop into it. :>

Not much is going on with my 4.5 tama. just trying to raise her beauty for her evolution. although yesterday I did accidentally leave out a small detail. Young Ura Memetchi's name is Pip! She's such a cutie!!! Other than that the 4.5 doesn't have much going on today. My cat George did make an appearance in the pictures though ha ha.
Screenshot 2023-02-24 183305.pngScreenshot 2023-02-24 183327.png

Onto the WG ON! Last night I ended up marrying my space girlie. She and Shimashimatchi look so cute together! We now have another girl after 4 other girls.. her name is Bruhtchi because that was my reaction to the 5th girl in a row. I'll try to love her anyways lol.

Screenshot_20230223_211309_Mixing-Meets.jpgScreenshot_20230223_211126_Mixing-Meets.jpgScreenshot 2023-02-24 182042.pngScreenshot 2023-02-24 181951.png

On my Purple PIX Himetchi decided she wanted to pursue her dreams and go get eggs. She brought back a green one and it turned into a baby girl. (I cant seem to escape hatching girl Tamagotchis) I don't know what Tamagotchi I wanna try and get with her as I don't think I got a girl of the green egg line before. I wonder what her destiny will be.
Screenshot 2023-02-24 182111.pngScreenshot 2023-02-24 182129.pngScreenshot 2023-02-24 182217.png

Finally, on my green PIX Shimagurutchi is looking into becoming a sweets chef from what it seems like. I hope he likes it. I should let him know there are other options than becoming a chef lol. He seems to want to follow in Himetchi's footsteps.
green pix 2 24 23.png

That's it for today. Like I said not much happened in the last 24 hours for my tamas so sorry if it's a bit barebones today.

Bye for now!