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Dec 27, 2004
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This is my first tamagotchi and log. I'm starting at my tama's teen age.

Here are my tamagotchis stats:





Unit:Green w/matrix

She hasn't gone below one lost heart since the day she was born and has never gone above 21 lbs. I'm hoping for a Mametchi, obviously.

Anyway she hasn't been aging right since I paused her. I woke up about seven in the morning and she always wakes up about eight and i knew i wasn't going to make it to raise her so i paused it. Hopefully she'll evolve into Mametchi tomorrow, only time will tell.

Well my hopes came true, because she turned into mametchi this morning around 7:00. She was just singing a few minutes ago. I'll have to finish this later, though.

She is very disciplined, and hasn't called me all day. She came up to the screen and bowed to me three times, otherwise she hasn't done much except sing some more. Also, I found out she jumps really, really high in the jumping game.

Rikka just turned six today, so I'm going to keep her running all day tomorrow during school so matchmaker can give her a partner, that is if she comes. And for some reason she isn't sleeping right. Yesterday, she didn't go to sleep until I put her asleep(9 o'clock) and didn't wake up until about 9:30

Matchmaker came during my last period. I had nothing to do so I kept resetting the time to see what I could get. I settled down on a Kutchipatchi and she had her baby, a boy. I guess this means she'll be leaving soon, so I'm going to treat Rikka better than I've been treating her. My friend's older sister just bought one, I'm going to have my second generation breed with hers. By now!

Rikka left yesterday, and left me with her baby boy, who I named Shin. He evolved into a kinakomochi yesterday during my second period class. Today he evolved into a young mimitchi during my physical science class. I'm honestly quite surprised seeing as I took pathetic care of him as a baby (I was at school, couldn't be helped). Guess Im jus lucky.


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