::My final thoughts on the Kakeibo::

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Dec 26, 2005
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Nagano, Japan
::My final thoughts on the Kakeibo::

=P-Low Lingo=

XXXXG [capitol 'G' for Gotchi points]

Gotchi [Your Tamagotchi Character]

Tamagotchi [Tamagotchi toy]

::The name::

Chou Yarikuri Enjoy: Tamagotchi Kakeibo.

The name translates loosely into Enjoy mangaing your money. Tamagotchi Account Book.

::The Toy.::

2.5x10x1cm. WxLxH

Touch Panel and Stylus

Monotone LCD screen.

Account Book. + 10 Accounting sheets.

::The Good::

Stand Alone Tamagotchi Toy

Fun buying and selling.

Cool Design.

::The Bad::

Touch Panel reaction not so good.

Account book and Kakeibo mostly pink in color.

Cannot send Items or Money From Entama to Kakeibo.

::Game Play::

As the name suggests, you manage gotchi points [money] and items, daily, through various venues such as Banking, Fleamarkets, and so on.

You can send items and money from the Kakeibo to your Entama. But you cannot send items and money from your Entama to the kakeibo though.

The Kakeibo comes with a little account book that you can use to keep track records of your deposits, debits, withdrawls and other transactions.

::You Don't Have to Enjoy Life to Enjoy Kakeibo!::

After playing with the Kakeibo I have realized that it is pretty much a stand alone toy, meaning you do not have to have an Entama to enjoy it. Basically, on the Kakeibo, you control the famous Ginza street citizen, Osewatchi. You start in her house and then move her about the map.

::A Walk Around the Block::

Let's Walk around Gotchi Ginza for bit shall we . . .

->Your Kakeibo starts out at Osewatchi's house when she wakes up. [Your Kakeibo will always return to her house when it is not in use]

Starting in Osewatchi's house you have several options:

+ Check the most recent daily announcements.

+ View the clock.

+ Veiw how much money you have in your wallet. [you can have a maximum of only 999,999G in your wallet. So be careful]

+ Occasionally a carrot man will come to visit and give updates on flea markets and stock markets.

->Going right on the map brings us to the Yarikuri Center. [Management office].

At the Yarikuri center you have 3 connection options. The first one being Parameters.

This connection allows you to transport your Gotchi's stats from your Entama to the Kakeibo. I have not seen any other purpose for this other than to veiw your stats on the Kakeibo. Next you have the option to connect in order to send items to your Entama. And finally you have an option to connect to send money to your entama.

->Moving on down this street towards the right we come to the last building on this street, in this direction. The Library.

The library has one connection option. This connection lets you create a Gotchizukan. Or Tamogotchi Dictionary. What that means is: Anyone of your friends or Gotchi that you have who connect via the library will be stored in the library. So you can go back and check on them anytime. Anyone who connects via the Library your Kakeibo recieves 1000G! That is pretty much all you can do in the Library.

->Now we are at the end of this street. Would could move Osewatchi up and go to the Convenience store. Or move her down and go to the Cake shop. But instead lets go back to her house. The starting point.

->Okay now we are back home. Lets go left down the street from here. The building on the block in this direction is the Game center [arcade].

The only thing you can do in the arcade is play one game. Fairly simple game. One ball comes out from either of 4 directions and you have to move Osewatchi so that she does not get hit. Gradually as you dodge more and more, the faster the ball comes and they also multiply to 2 at a time etc.... I believe I dodged 13 balls and got something like

250G. I can't remember now. This is probably the best and really only way you can get cold hard cash on your Kakeibo. So play hard, earn money and then start buying items and investing.

->Lets move down from the game center and head over to the Gotchi Ginza Supermarket.

Basic stuff here. Buy food items. You can play Onegeri Games to reduce the price of items. [Like a Coupon] If you win, or just pay regular price, if you lose. This true for everyshop on Ginza Street.

->Moving on towards the right down the street we reach, The discount shop.

Various items show up different days in the discount shop. They are usually discounted.

->Next stop going right is the Flower shop. Same as other shops. Mostly plant specific items. Like Kuchipatchi's Cactus, or Various Extracts for cooking.

->Continuing are little walk to the right we come to the last shop on this block. If you were paying attention, then you already know we are at the cake shop.

->Lets go up from here twice pass the Libray to get to the Convience store. Like all the other shops various shop items you can buy here.

->Moving left down this street our next stop is the Drug Store. Here you can buy methylanphetamines and other illegal goodies. Just kidding, but you can buy some nice over the counter stuff for increasing your Guts points.

->Moving on we come to the Gotchi Ginza Bank!

Lot of stuff do here. Since this is our first visit lets go ahead and create our PIN number. Now that we have a PIN number lets select Entry and pen that pin number in.

Now that we are in lets choose Banking or Stock Market. Okay stocks it is. Here you can chose to see, buy, or sell stocks. Go head and buy that Gotchi Mochi stock.

Okay. Now lets cancel out of here and head into the banking area....

::Let's Yarikuri::

You can chose regular banking, Regular Bank Savings account, or Super Bank Savings account.

Lets go and check out our regular bank options.

Okay good. Now we have three choices. Deposit, check balance or withdrawl. Lets go ahead and depost some of the money we've won at the game center. Good. Lets check

the balance. Your money is there and its nice and safe...well as long as Dorobotchi doesnt come around to still it! Cancel out and lets view or savings options: You can only deposit up to 999G points here.

Regular savings. Here you have the same options to Deposit, Check Balance or withdraw. You have to leave your money untouched for 2 days though. If you withdraw money before then. You'll get a penalty. That means you deposit will not collect intrest. Be careful. Also you can only deposit up to 9.999G

Cancel out there and go into the super savings account.

The super savings is the same as the regular savings, but you cannot touch the money for five days. Here you can deposit a max of 99,999G points here.

::Final word::

Well, I really like this toy. But Like all Tamagotchi, the Kakeibo is very fun and exciting at first, but I think it will have the potential to be boring quick. I often tire of my Tamagotchi pretty quickly. I think the Kakeibo's boring potential comes from the fact you start with little to no money. Actually you start with a 1000G at the start of untabbing and registering. Being unable to send items and money from your entama is very big turn off for me. However, the Kakeibo can be a stand alone toy and if you like buying and selling things then this might be long lasting fun toy for you.

Lastly, if you do buy a kakeibo and have no Japanese skills at all, then you'll probably be wasting your money. However if you are a diehard collector and have to have every single tamagotch item produced and licensed. Then pick it up.



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Apr 2, 2006
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Thanx for the review!

I'm getting a Kakeibo on May 8th as one of my Birthday presents.

I'll use this review as referance!



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Jan 16, 2006
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is there such thing as a tamagotchi version 6 in japan/hong kong!!?? :( :D :p B) :huh: :huh:

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