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May 18, 2020
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Ok my guy grows up pretty quickly- one hour it was a baby then after a day or so it turned from child to teenager. I am not sure whether this is the next stage but without me seeing it turned into a green penguin, got confused and thought it transformed into an alien. Oh also now it goes nuts while eating a rice dish now it is an adult (I think) and didn’t hate rice like now but would only eat a certain amount before getting fussy. He likes this tama pet outside but the pet keeps changing whenever I choose to keep another one: it went from a white dog to blue and then turned into a guy with a leaf on her head and fortunately was white again! After lockdown me and my friend (and our tamas) are going to have a play date seeing that neither have played with a tama from  a different device. He is picky with bath time- he only likes going in the bathtub. And some advice: since tamas can only live 7-12 days without care if you can’t play with them for 7 days or more then seeing what 321Boom said about how the batteries being taken out will pause the game. Afterwards, don’t forget to check the clock and put it to the correct time if needed. All from me for now. Oh and sorry if it is not specified but you can put comments if you can and want. I tried to wait for it so i could see how long it would take for it to get sick if i didn’t clean up his poop but i was worried about killing him. if you have a meets then don’t get freaked out about deviletchi and all cause it skips all that and just goes to grave and ghost. The thing i am annoyed with is basically the fact that it seems like because it just goes to grave and ghost if it dies i don’t think it can go to hospital to be saved. Also since i think it is an adult now, i am beginning to wonder which route i should take to continue the family chain. Of course I could ask my friend for her reference. Perhaps one day i could get twins. Do you want to know what happens when he eats rice? His eyes go swirly and after that, he closes his eyes to eat and then he has tears eyes for the rest of it. He never used to do that. So i fed him a plate of dessert. He liked it but then he had a toothache. So i gave him two doses of medicine and he was happy again. As a bear he did not particularly like rice but would eat it every few hours. He liked dessert but had to eat about 15 to get a toothache. I supposed that it was all part of ageing- he would get ill more often. Personally, i wouldn’t do something drastic just because of that. When i say drastic, i mean some people purposely murder their tamas! Of course you can press A and C to generate a new egg and carry on generations but still.

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