My Orr-Orr Dino, Dual Chickpets, DNA fish & a Genjintch!


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Orr-Orr is seven, unchanging in form except he’s kicked the nicotine habit.the secret to keeping him alive? Ignoring him unless he wants food or water. That’s all I’ve done. It’s almost like he just lives to be miserable 😆
Genjintch died at age 14.
Chickaroo is on the verge of death sleeping sick next to poop.
The fish seems content! He’s 12!
I forgot how difficult it is to take care of these now that I’m back at work. I think my next run will be 3 pets maximum.


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MAJOR UPDATE: Orr-Orr GREW!!! HE GREWWW!!! He grew into the dino sprite that you see in the squat game.
Through basically neglecting him he has become a huge dinosaur. Notice that in the hand game (which has no affect on his mood) the human is tiny now!!
I love the side view of him.
He only smokes cigarettes sometimes now.
BUT it’s hard to believe that this pet gives you 8 days of a baby and then suddenly it’s a normal sized dino. I’m still happy he’s made it this far!


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Big fish. BIG fish, 15 years old!

…Orr-Orr is still alive. Insane.


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Fish is 17,
Orr-Orr is 12 (but the picture I took yesterday was better). The face at the bottom seems to have gotten larger and now sheds a single tear.


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Orr Orr survived until the age of 16 on PURE NEGLECT!! Seriously-all I did was feed him and let him use the toilet. Every other time I tried to raise him by playing games, doing “training” (which is 4 arrow options, I’ll need to dig up the instructions), some of those things would kill him abruptly. It took 4-5 times before I tried just leaving him alone, which oddly kept him alive in a matrix of misery.
His long run death was weird, he glitched into this strange guy and no buttons would press. I reset him and he worked normally so I guess this screen was a death option?


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Here are instructions of Orr-Orr in case anyone ever…needs them? They’re not much help!
In looking at the ending options, it looks like my guy may have had a wedding party (or maybe got jilted at the altar since he simply froze)!

“Please do not try to recharge the battery or put it into the fire.” Great advice!

“If the dino does not have a favorable mood or is too light in weight (under 4kg) it will refuse to do training. Rejection is shown by a shaking of the head or it will die.” WOW.


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I just released the death screen is him as a skeleton with his head fallen off! o_o I thought it was supposed to be praying hands and a candle.
Omg, right?! This HORRIFIED me as a child. I remember getting this pet for Easter one year and it dying constantly-when it happened, the sound it makes somewhat resembles a skeleton head bopping to the ground. The sounds on this guy are clinical, sterile, creepy.

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