My Pix playdate and gift log. (comments OK)


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Dec 21, 2022
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This log is to share my generations of Tamagotchi Pix with you all. I will be providing QR codes for playdates, meet ups, and gifts so that we may all go on this adventure together. You are welcome to share your own here with me and others as well if you desire.

Right now, I just have one playdate to share with you. Ginjiratchi the noodle chef!


He was my first Tama on the Pix, and we had a blast to the point of being “best pals”. He is a goofy sort, and loves to cook. He thought about being a performer at one point, but his passion for noodles won out in the end.

My second generation of the Pix was his daughter Lovelitchi!


Sadly, I forgot to get a QR code for her before sending her off to be a fashion designer. She was great company, and we even got the status of “best pals” so I wish I could share her with you…but unfortunately that is out of my hands. She did however, bless me with another Tama girl born from a green egg. Moving forward I will post more QR codes starting with her along with some gifts and meet ups…after reaching adulthood of course.

Keep this thread in mind as time goes on if you want some QR codes for playdates and gifts, I plan to update this regularly. I want nothing more than for us all to grow our Tama Pix together!
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Today I would like to introduce you to my 3rd generation of Pix Tamas, Neliatchi. She has been a fun one, and I love how she plays badminton like she was part of an anime. As you can see, she is 10 Tama years old, and I kept her longer than normal. I just wasn’t ready to let her go at age 7.



But all good things must come to an end, and she will soon be returning to her home planet tomorrow so that I can usher in a 4th generation. But for those that want a playdate with her, the QR code below is for you.


And this next QR code is for a 5 pm meet up, and don’t worry she will bring the food. Deep Dish Pizza is sure to fit the bill.


And finally, here is her profile as a gift to you all.


I will be sure to add my 4th generation when the time comes later on, and I hope you all enjoy Neliatchi’s company. She would love to hang out in the meantime, as being a pianist (her soon to be career) will give her a lot to talk about with your Tama friends.

(if any of the QR codes do not match to what I have stated, please let me know so I can fix them)


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Time for a real treat! My OG buddy has returned once again, and this time on the Pix! Say hello to Mametchi!


With aspirations of becoming an astronaut, I gave him a space themed room and he gets plenty of brain practice with his Science Project and Stationary set. He loves sharing what he learns with others, so here is his QR code for a playdate, his profile, and a 5 pm meet up where he will bring some fresh bananas to share. QR codes are in the order that I have them listed as.


I do not see myself giving him up after just 7 days, so it may be a while before I have a new Tama to share on the Pix. The time will come, but for now I hope you all have fun with Mametchi.
After a break from raising Pix Tamas, and an extended stay by Mametchi, it is time to continue our Pix journey. For those wondering, Mametchi decided to explore the mysteries of space as an astronaut!


And through the egg he sent back to us, we have the charismatic Charatchi joining the family. He loves showing off his skateboarding and badminton skills, and has quite the ear for music. He is one cool dude, even if a bit cocky at times.

Here are two codes, the first one being a playdate and the second one being a Fruit Balloon Accessory gift!

I will also add a meet up later on before sending him home, I just need to wait for a day when I won’t need a sitter.


Looking forward to spending more time with you buddy, it has been a blast so far!
Charatchi has left us to pursue his dream of becoming a dancer recently, but he left us with a meet up code for noon to make plans to hang out with everyone!


Good luck buddy, it was a blast hanging put with such a cool Tama!

Entering our 6th generation, the egg he sent us has hatched and grown into a Chamametchi…and oh boy does she have a sweet tooth! She is very creative as well, and she isn’t sure if she wants to be a pastry chef or a sculptor. Here is a QR code for a playdate (top) and a profile card (bottom), be sure to have your own Tama’s give her input when they hang out!

Little late posting this, but Chamametchi has moved on to be a pastry chef. So long! Say hello to your brother for me!


And with the farwell of a Tama friend, comes a new egg to care for. In generation 7, we have one of the newer species joining us. Say hello to Weeptchi!


He is a very creative tama, and loves crafting “bling” for his friends. You can find all sorts of designs in his sketchbook, and he loves showing them off. If you want him to come over and hang out, here is his playdate code.


He turns 7 today but I think I will have him hang out for another week for so. I will be sure to update when gen 8 is in full swing!

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