Nano Puppy! *Nostalgia*


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Nov 12, 2006
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Even though I'm a little bummed that the Nano pet I really wanted, Nano Kitty, is priced a little higher than I want to pay, I was very lucky to find a Nano Puppy for a really good price on Ebay. It's not in the package, and has no directions, but I don't care. I'm not paying over $30 for a Nano pet, sorry! The Nano Baby sells for $50 on average. I never really liked Nano Baby that much, anyway. I had a Nano Kitty back in the 90s, and I wish I had kept it, along with the other pets I started off with. Oh well, I'm really glad I'm being reunited with the old familiar virtual pets I used to own and enjoy so much.

I want a Nano Kitty too, but I'm not sure how I would get one since I never get to buy anything online. I had one back when I was too young to understand virtual pets and it just disappeared. I have no memory of when it was even lost.

I wish I knew how to help you. Maybe ask a parent, aunt or uncle? Save dollars from doing chores and use it to buy a debit gift card at a store, then ask a parent to use the gift card to buy you the Nano pet you want? Maybe that will help. Good luck!

I have so many memories of my Nano Kitty! I still have it - it's translucent orange. Nearly all of the writing is rubbed off and there's a missing screw in the back, but it is one of my favorite pets! It's also the first virtual pet I ever received - even before I got into Tamagotchi.

I can remember never really knowing how to properly care for the little guy and he would almost always run off and leave me. :D I don't think I've ever even made it to the adult stage because of that very reason. I was young and irresponsible and would leave my kitty lying around somewhere, subsequently freak out, find it days later with 100 poops on the screen, only to see that my kitty had packed its bags for a new home. :lol:

The sounds and animations are also very nostalgic to me. I can remember taking my Nano Kitty on trips with me and it being the only source of entertainment I had and I loved it. I carried it literally everywhere! I would like to purchase a Nano Puppy sometime. The Nanos are A+ virtual pets!

My sister had a Nano Kitty, but unfortunately it met it's demise after coming into contact with water. :( Nice find on the Nano Puppy! How much did you pay for it? These guys have become really rare in recent years for some reason.

My Nano Puppy only set me back by $23, and it came without packaging or printed directions. I had to relearn everything from the beginning, but watching Youtube videos took away much of the mysteries. It's the extras, like naps and the unusual beeps for snacks, that are starting to finally re-enter my memory, Youtubers didn't really elaborate on those things. I am finding Nano Puppy much more enjoyable now, 19 years later, and I've come to appreciate aspects of these little pets I never appreciated before, so long ago.

Nano Baby was my first 'serious' virtual pet I rasied.

In serious I mean I rasied it to 'Toddlerhood' many times over, aced the games and was pretty much always on top of care.

I remember the day as if it was yesterday I recieved my Nano pet, my nan collected me from school and had three packages (Nano Baby, Nano Puppy & Nano Kitty) I was allowed to pick first as I was so excited and was most into virtual pets and I picked the Nano Baby (I eventually got my hands on the other two as my sisters who they were for lost interest in them after a couple of months.)

I have so many good memories of looking after that little tyke.

Nano Puppy is my favorite non Tamagotchi handheld virtual pet. Much easier to care for than any of the various Giga Pets I had. And I love any dog based electronic pet.

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