Nostalgic Ramblings : A Tamagotchi Log~ ((Comments Welcome)) *


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AWW HARU!! Such a handsome and adorable Violetchi!! :furawatch: Love the pic of him brushing his teeth, I just keep catching my girls dunking themselves in soup (taking a bath). xD
I LOVE that, omg. So cute! And thank you. He's so cute! I'm thinking the Match Maker may come today or tomorrow :/
Sadly I don’t have a connection of any sort :( but they seem so fun! Haru is adorable hehe :3
Hello there, welcome! Do you mean to say you don't have a tamagotchi at all? Or just not any of the older ones? If you have Facebook, I recommend joining one of the Tamagotchi traders groups! There are lots of great deals on there, and I see a lot of the older versions on there for sale often! (Much cheaper than eBay, lol!) Good luck! :lol:
Hello all~

Today is an image heavy mini update. So Haru has been a happy Violetchi for the past day or two now, and finally yesterday afternoon the matchmaker came by. :tongue: She brought along a Dorotchi (Which oh my goodness I forgot how cute Dorotchi is!!) And now he has a little Petitchi that looks just like he did when he was first hatched!:angry:

thumbnail-3.jpeg thumbnail-5.jpegthumbnail-7.jpeg

I'm thinking I'll name this new baby boy, Natsu ( 夏 ) Or Summer in Japanese. Keeping up with the seasonal name theme. ^^
Haru will not be with me much longer unfortunately, but I did manage to get a few cute close up pics of him also!


Thanks for reading! I'll be back soon with an update on my second generation on the V2!



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Aw omg, congrats Haru!! Such an adorable baby u have now. :angry: Also, Natsu is such a cute name, I love it! Loved this update, I’m happy to see Haru (and his new baby!) doing well! :3
Omg thank you!! ^_^ I am so excited to see what kinda tama Natsu will grow up to be!!

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