Not into Tamagotchis Anymore?


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Not Elliette

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Aug 5, 2023
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I haven't been really into tamagotchis recently.

I got a REAL pet a while ago, and it's been hard keeping up on both.

My pix, I accidently left in my Grandma's car when she came to visit.

My ON, a waste of batteries.

Should I just let go of my tama life???
Whether or not you give tamas a break/walk away is completely up to you. I reckon most people here, aside from the most devoted, diehard tama fans, have taken some time away from the responsibility of caring for their virtual pets; nobody will judge you for stepping back from tamas.
What is the purpose of playing with tamagotchis/virtual pets?
It is to have fun! Whether it is just for the nostalgia factor, testing new tama versions/options, or trying to win some new evolution or prize in games, it all boils down to same reason. You *play* to *have fun*

If you are not having fun, if it starts to feel like a job/responsiblity...
You don't have to play!
Take a break. Do take the batteries out of your vpets, and store them in a safe, loving place.

It is perfectly natural, nobody has to have a tamagotchi or virtual pet on all the time.

When and if you miss them and want to play, FOR FUN AGAIN, you can do so!
Update: I got my Pix back from my grandmas car, but it didn't die. My grandma popped out the batteries for me
I take years long breaks between Tamagotchis sometimes. I actually put my pets aside a few months ago to focus on work. Tamagotchi is always waiting for you when you're ready to come back :)
I have 80+ Tamagotchi's and of course I don't play with them all. I LOVE my Tamagotchi's!!! But I still take breaks from it, because I can't always commit to them. I used to be able to run 3+ Tamagotchi's as a kid, but that's because I had the time. Now I'm an adult, married & with 2 dogs. It's so much harder now to run just 1.

It's completely okay to take breaks and to even shelve them for a while. You're just going through life and experiencing it with other things aside from just Tamagotchi, and that's sometimes great! Love on those real life pets, guilt free! ❤️ There's no judgements on this forum for if you're running 0 Tamagotchi's.

I'm running 0, and only turn on my Uni to download the new items or play the events.
My breaks can take months to years, but I still like to check in on TamaTalk, periodically. 🤭

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