Number of Tamagotchis played simultaneously


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I don't know if it counts, but I used to run the Game Boy ones simultaneously, so counting, I had the classic GB one, the Ocean and Forest one, and the Osutchi/Mesutchi all running at the same time, it was insane, all I did back then was taking care of them and reading about all the Tamagotchi versions. So that gives us a total of 4. Just like Penguin keeper said, I only run one at a time nowadays.
I believe the most I have ever run is four, although not all Tamagotchis either. I had some Digimon mixed in there. It felt like I had no time for anything that wasn't the pets though, so I toned it down to a single one that I run most of the time now. I do run two on occasion, but it's normally because a group hatch I wanted to join started and I had another pet running already.
There doesn't seem to be much out there on them, you're doing important work with that. Do you have it shared anywhere?
I was testing the already known information regarding connections and evolutions. While I was on it I discovered some few things that weren’t mentioned!

I made this log with only two of them here.

And managed to make a detailed guide that covers about 90% of the gameplay, you can find it here.

Certain things of some evolutions are not clear such as timings, how long it takes or how many connections needed with what witch type.

Hopefully that helps. :smile2:
I think the most I've ever ran at once was 6 when I was in middle school. Nowadays I have to stop myself from running more than 2 or 3 because I burnout a lot quicker...
If I recall correctly, it was during my first year of collecting Tamagotchis, late 2013 - I got mightly spoilt for my birthday with a few new additions to the line-up, and was running all seven of the models I had at the time! (Those were my V6, V5, my cherry-plaid V4 I unfortunately murdered a few months after while trying to activate its debug mode, Tamatown Tama-Go, iD L, iD L Spacey and P's! Really high-maintenance stuff lol,,) Had a tiny cardboard box I carried them around in and stored in my desk when we weren't in class. My teachers couldn't stand it. :tongue:
Back during quarantine in 2020, I used to run 5 Connection tamas at a time! 2 V4s, 2 V3s and a V5 I think. When we were allowed to go out in public again, I’d still run 5 but I’d pause them when I got out and sometimes carry 1 or 2 of them with me.
Back during the summer of middle/high school, I'd sometimes run up to 8 at a time, although that usually wouldn't last too long before getting a bit overwhelmed and cutting back to 3-4. It was pretty fun always having something happening, with that many tamas going there was something exciting each day, like an evolution or marriage.

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