Obtaining all 127 Digimon -- Comments OK


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The purple one has been BanchoMamemon now for about 2 days. I actually used it through the colosseum mode and defeated all 100 digimon there and have unlocked all the eggs on it, except for the egg for obtaining 25 different Digimon. That will still take some time. Going to let BanchoMamemon live out a natural cycle. I am on the struggle bus with which digimon to raise next. I was considering the version 2 egg.


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I didn't put two and two together! I'm also aiming for a bancho mamemon! I'm looking forward to seeing what his next iteration will be :)
Omnimon Alter S still fairs well. Being that its a Super Mega stage I expect it to live a bit longer than BanchoMamemon lived. My plan for after Omnimon Alter S is done is to start a Version 3 egg. There is a Digimon on there that I absolutely hate, and I wanna get, getting it, over with.