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Mar 18, 2024
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Portland, OR
Hello TamaTalk,

I am MetalxUnicorn, formerly known as WhereEaglesDare. I have not used that account in over a decade and cannot recall my credentials but I’m back. I’ve recently gotten back into Tamagotchi, the remakes of the P1 and P2 to be exact. I am currently running one of each and plan to log about them. So hello once again to you all! Happy to be back
Welcome back! Just wanted to inform you that we can merge your old and new accounts. You can choose what account to end up with.
Welcome back! I wasn't at the forum at that time. I didn't get back into virtual pets until the last couple of years or so. Was the name Where Eagles Dare by chance a reference to the Misfits song? Or to the movie?
Where Eagles Dare is such a great movie! I love older war movies, and Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood were excellent on screen together. Oh, welcome to the community, too!

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