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Apr 30, 2022
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California, U.S.
Hey, guys! I wanted to check and see if there would be interest in an group hatch for P1s/P2s and the Gen 1/Gen 2 re-releases.
I was thinking we could start it around August 15th, although if anyone's interested and needs a little more time to get a Tama ready, we could wait a bit longer.
Also, I was thinking we could have a rule where participants can be allowed a second chance/one restart if they run out of batteries or if their Tama dies/leaves somewhat early on. (I may need to make use of this because my favorite P2 has been going on its current batteries for a while ):LOL:
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I'd love to join! I have a new Japanese P2 that I'm wanting to try out and see if I can get Sekitoritchi :) But I might have to go for Mimitchi just to see if I can outlast everyone >:3
Hey, guys! In preparation for the hatch tomorrow, I've started the thread for the hatch log in the Group Hatch Logs subsection! If any of you get around to hatching before I do tomorrow (which is likely since I'm not an early riser and I'm also on U.S. Pacific Coast time), please make your post in that thread, and that's where we'll continue posting our updates!

(Scroll up to the top of the Group Hatchings forum and click on "Group Hatch Logs"! It's in that section!)

Also, of course, if anyone else still wants to join, please do! As mentioned, this is an inclusive hatch for the classic P1s/P2s and also their re-releases!

Got these two guys all ready to go! Will set the clock tomorrow when I wake up and start posting in the new thread you made :D

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