Power Palz Dino?


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Spirit Rabbit

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Mar 18, 2013
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I'm looking into getting a PP Dino, it looks really cool and it's not super expensive. I'm curious whether there is a growth chart or if there is only 1 type of dino. Tell me a little about how it works! =D

Also, are you able to name the dino?

I have the Power Palz frog. It evolves a few times, but if you dont marry him/her, then it will die in less than a week. (It will get old and wrinkly then die.) The animations aren't great in my opinion. I also noticed my frog only made a mess and got hunger, but didn't need to train, play with him, so it was getting boring after a while. If you have 2 of them, then you can connect them via infrared, marry them and have weird dino/frog, cat/dog mutant babies. If it's really cheap buy it if you want it, but it's not the best dino V-pet. :( And no, you can't name it, if I remember correctly, and you will get a random gender, either a boy or a girl. They have different games and training depending on the gender. Hope this helps.

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