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I bought a power palz cat yesterday :blink: , and these are my findings:

- The design of the case looks really good, the buttons respond quickly

- It doesn't beep for attention that much and the sounds are pleasant to hear

- The animations/ pixel images aren't that good. For instance my cat eats with its paws, lol. But it looks cute though.

- I don't think it dies from a disease, from the growchart I can tell it dies of old age

- It plays short games itself when you select them (guy: crossing the river, soccer | girl: dancing, jumping a rope), you don't have to push any buttons after that.

- with the infrared option you can fight, make friends, give eachother presents and make a date.

Overall it's a nice pet that's easy to maintain, although i think the graphics could have been better.

in ca? there you can get them really many places can't remeber witch but i have heard there should be a big bunch of them there

it can die my sister was so exited about her tamagotchi so she forgot about her power pal in one day and then it died
:unsure: that's too bad! It doesn't die easily though, i've been neglecting my PP (not on purpose) for half a day now, it has got a pile of poo and is sick, but still there ;-)

yes it happened to mee too before but if u do that four some more hours it should die at a time and an angel will show up on the screen

ive jusy got one!! does any one have any more information, my instructions werent in english and although its kinda easy to guess id like to read english ones!!! i got it from www.eurotoys.dk yu can change the site to english, and it was a really quick service!

hey that's a danish site but im sure if u visit powerpalz.com you will find it cus you can go to a place wher the instructions are in really many laungages and also english i think

I have a question!!!!!!!!!!!.............When they have babys, who gets to keep da baby? Do they have 2 or is it random?

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they have two and the mother and father will disapear and the baby will be replaced with the old

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