reviving tama thats been in the rain multiple time. (long story,kinda)

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Apr 5, 2013
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im actually a tamagotchi owner since 2007 i bought the v4. it was good and great, but honestly just like most child i lost interest and just being irresponsible with my tamagotchi bcs there's many times i let them dead. then in 2009 i got into my tamagotchi again because the discovery of tama town! i just remembered being hype up to go to my aunt house (at that time, she have the most stable internet connection) just to get more items from there!

then around 3 years later, one of my relatives actually give me his own tamagotchi v6 after seeing how much i took care of it than he was. (really lucky!)

but then i just didn't even hold my tamagotchis, thus i took out the battery since im afraid the battery will leak from aging and ruin the machine.

then in 2016 i discovered my tamagotchis again. being at home most of the time got me ton of free time, so i tried to revive it. the anticipation got me so disappointed bcs my v4 got it pixel screen dead! the v6 still great tho. i put the v4 somewhere tho i couldn't remember at all. basically lost it at this point.
since i tried to revive it with used batt from other devices, i told my husband to get me a new batt.
he sometimes could be really forgetful when its not a priority number 1 when it come to needs, so he attached my tama to his bag. now here's the deal, he used motorcycles for transportation, when it rains the bag got wet. yes my tama got wet in the rains. many times... for 4 years .......... i just keep forgetting about it. my husband did too. the chain in the v6 even got rusty.
the time i remembered he still have my tama dangling on his bag, i just lost hope and forget about it. accepted it fate as a key chain, thinking it was broken from the rain.

now just two weeks ago, my daughter ask for tamagotchi. so i buy her the rerelease original tamagotchi gen 1, after seeing her played it, now i suddenly got curious about my v6. so i detached it from the bag and have it cleaned inside out. hey maybe there's a change that it work. with yt these day i have the knowledge on what should i do to clean it. i opened it up easily, (i was a curious child so i really opened up my electronic toys, my v4 was opened countless time), and surprised! really can you believe there no rust in the inside at all? everything works fine. im so happy. who knew the shell was almost airtight??? but stupid me, i detached 1 speaker cabel from being clumsy and now i have a silent music star 🤦🏽‍♀️. still searching for my solder now, my husband didn't knew where is it either.

since I've been really clueless about v6. for a few day im just looking up to some forum here, and now here we are in this post, just me wanting to tell you story in this long post.


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Oct 21, 2021
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That was quite a journey for your music star.:) Did you find your solder?