RIP Orphan Annie


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Feb 3, 2023
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Name: Little Orphan Annie
DOB: 12/24/2022
DOP: 1/7/2023
Tamagotchi Model: Hello Kitty Nano (White Color)

Annie was named because my mother said she was an orphan before she was hatched. Annie was an average care Tama. She lived a good life. Half way through her short but beautiful life, I started to take less care of her due to school. On her day of death, I looked down at her from drinking my coffee and watched as Hello Kitty took her to London and never brought her back. Annie was survived by 3 tamas named Annie 2, Annie 3, and Annie 4.

However the following generations lived short lives. Especially Annie 4. Annie 4 had low care. On 2/3/23, she got sick. I can't do much due to the battery. It is a waiting game for the battery to completely die and for her soon death

RIP to you all

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