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Jan 3, 2023
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Myself and a few others on the Tamagotchi Collectors discord server have been figuring out how the Santaclautchi works, and I've compiled our findings into a guide. It's also available at :


The Mayor is on a journey to become Santa! For the next 2 weeks you're responsible for teaching the Mayor everything it takes to become Santaclautchi, from what clothes to wear, what transportation to use, and even what friends to make along the way.

The Santaclautchi is a very unique tamagotchi. Santa uses items to evolve, with the goal of filling his Distance meter ready to deliver presents to the tamagotchi children.
To get the true ending, Santa must also fill his Santa Meter
The Santa Meter is filled by getting the Tier 3 evolutions from the 4 transformation items. Santa will start in Tier 1, and work his way up to Tier 3.

The story:

The Mayor has noticed that the tamagotchi children all believe in Santa Claus and are expecting him to deliver presents on Christmas Eve, so he’s taking on the role of Santaclautchi himself! As he travels, his distance meter fills up, with the goal of delivering presents in two weeks. If he finds items along the way that make him more like Santa, he’ll be able to travel faster. But if he sulks along the way, he’ll travel slower, and may not make it in time for Christmas.

Although he starts inside his cabin, he'll be sleeping in a tent for the rest of his time with you. The lights will turn off automatically at 9pm, and he'll wake up at 8am the next day.

When Santa reaches his final destination, he’ll deliver presents to the tamagotchi children.
If you’ve succeeded in helping him become the true Santaclautchi, you’ll get the true ending, with a special animation!
If Santa is too slow, Oyajitchi will become impatient and knock over the Christmas tree. Better luck next year!

Starting your santa:

Press A and C to get to the clock setting screen. You need to set the date, as well as the time.
Use A to change the day/minute, B to change the month/hour, and C to confirm your choice.

There will be an ear-splitting jingle. These beeps will rule your life for the next few days, so you're going to have to grow accustomed to them. You may even grow to like them! As tempting as it is, I'd recommend muting your santa as little as possible, especially for the first few days. This is so that you don’t miss any Kuchi Calls (more on that later).

Menu icons:

Star Scales:


  • ステータス (Status)
Age 才: starts at 100
Weight: Starts at 100
Distance みちのり: When full, Santa will deliver the presents. It doesn’t go up if Santa is sulking, and it goes up faster the higher Santa’s tier is
Santa-ness サンタらしさ: A bell will be filled for each Tier 3 evolution you get. The can't become un-filled, even if you drop down a tier
Once all bells are filled, you'll be able to get the secret items from the game
Happiness ごきげん: Goes up by 1 when Santa wins at the game OR by eating a snack
Hunger おなか: Goes up by 1 when he eats

  • ストック (Stock)
The picnic basket is part of what makes Santa so unique. Santa can hold 4 Mince Pies ミートパイ(meal) and 4 slices of Cake ケーキ(snack). He'll eat these himself when his hunger or happiness gets low, so you fill his basket rather than feeding him directly.

Picnic basket:

This is the typical "feeding" option, but it works slightly differently for Santa.
The only time you can feed Santa directly is if his hunger/happiness is at 0.
Otherwise, he’ll take the food you give him and put it in his picnic basket for later. He’ll feed himself when he needs it.


This is the Chimney Game. Choose a random chimney, and Santa will either find a sleeping child, a transformation item (from day 3), or be covered in soot.
Finding a child or an item will raise Santa's happiness by 1.
Soot has no effect.


Here's where you'll find your transformation items. You can hold up to 7 of each item.
There are 4 main items, and 2 special items which can only be gotten when the Santa Meter is full.
Each transformation item has 3 Tiers, the 3rd tier being the one that fills the Santa Meter.

Tier 1
- Snowboard Santa

Tier 2 - Magician Santa

Tier 3 - Hat Santa

Tier 1
- Sailor Santa

Tier 2 - Penguin Santa

Tier 3 - Classic Santa

Tier 1
- Scholar Santa

Tier 2 - Skate Santa

Tier 3 - Sleigh Santa

Reindeer egg: (not available until day 8)

Tier 1 - Tonanyorotchi (Left)

Tier 2 - Tontakotchi (Center)

Tier 3 - Rednosetchi (Right)

If Santa is ever facing away from the screen and sulking, he needs a letter from a fan to cheer him up. You can select the bag to get a letter for him. If you leave him sulking for too long, he'll give up and go back to his cabin. This is the Santa equivalent of death, and you'll need to press A + C to start again. He will usually only sulk within the first hour of waking up, and the distance meter won’t go up when he’s sulking.


If Santa runs away, you need to use Superkuchipatchi to bring him back!
Santa will run away at random times. It can be 0-3 times a day, but usually it'll be 1 or 2 times. You'll hear some beeps, and the screen will be empty except for the call icon being lit up. (Between the 17th and the 24th of December, the jingle will be different. Keep an ear out!)

Bringing Santa back with Superkuchipatchi is vital for moving up the tiers, as it fills up an invisible "Kuchi Scale"

Santa starts in Tier 1, at 1 on the Kuchi Scale (RED)
He moves to Tier 2 at 2 on the Kuchi Scale (ORANGE)
He moves to Tier 3 at 4 on the Kuchi Scale (GREEN)

Answering a "Kuchi Call" will move you up 1 step on this scale.
However, missing a call will move you backwards 1 step.

You can even end up in the negatives. Santa will remain Tier 1, but it will require more calls for him to be able to move up to Tier 2.
If you miss calls, you may drop down a tier, and will have to answer more Kuchi Calls to get back up. This will not affect your Santa Meter.
It’s also possible to build up a buffer in Tier 3, so that you can miss more Kuchi Calls without getting moved down.

If you don't miss any calls, you can get to Tier 3 in 3 Kuchi Calls, which will likely be Day 3. You won’t be able to fill the Santa Meter until Day 8 though, because you need the reindeer egg.

If you consistently miss calls, you can end up very far down the scale.

Christmas tree:

This is your advent calendar! Every day, Santa gets an item from the calendar.
It will also have the date:
Day: 日 (hi)
Month: 月 (gatsu)

On the 8th day, you'll get an extra exciting gift from your calendar - a reindeer egg! You can't get the reindeer egg until this day, but once you've collected it from the calendar you'll also be able to find it in the chimney game. The reindeer you get will be dependent on which tier you’re in when you hatch it.
On all the other days, your item will be a random transformation item.

Santa Monitor:

Here's where Santa can check up on the tamagotchi children getting ready for Christmas. The animation will change every day for 9 days. From the 9th day, until the presents are delivered, Mametchi will be patiently waiting by the tree.
Once the distance meter has been filled and Santa has delivered the presents, Mametchi will be shown with his new present!
Santa will deliver presents regardless of whether you filled the Santa Meter or not, but the animation will be different if you have full santa-ness.
However, if the distance meter is not filled after two weeks, Oyajitchi will get impatient and knock the tree over! This is the bad ending.


This is Santa's call icon. It lights up whenever he needs something, such as when his happiness/hunger bars are at 0, he needs a fan letter, or if he's run away.

This guide is a compilation of work from a lot of people!
From Discord:
FyeCed#6009, Teethyfish#6455, Yeah Right Sure#6969, zoee#3333, rhubarb_pie#9373 (especially for the Japanese translations), Makeiri#1222, Teallen#5402 (Me)

Also the Santaclautchi wiki -

And Gotchi Garden -
Update: the Google drive version has a NEW LINK ----- ----- Enjoy

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