Screws for Dream Towns and Tama Go?

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Nov 18, 2020
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Hello! Does anyone know the types of screws used for the Tama Go and the Dream Town? Trying to get replacements as both of those are stripped. Thank you!


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Nov 26, 2005
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Oh man, I was trained for this! But... I don't have those units. If you have the screws on hand could you please post a photo of them next to a ruler? Line the little points up as best as you can to the lines on the ruler. Also, if you can measure the outside diameter of the screw. (Not the screw head, the threaded diameter) I have the tools at work to get everything scaled and such so I can do that during a break on Monday. đź‘Ť

I can't guarantee I'll be able to perfectly identify the screws, but I can get you to at least a starting point, although if you can get to a store like a Fastenal (they specialize in screws and fasteners) they can measure it properly compared to some random machinist on the internet :lol: If you do that it'd be helpful to post the label here to help others trying to order online.

If you go off my suggestions(I'll look and try to suss out if it's metric or imperial and what sizes it's most likely of each, if you start screwing it in and you feel resistance STOP and try the other screw. You don't want to damage the threads and lots of screws are very close. Just yesterday at work I was trying to discern if a part I was measuring had metric or standard sized screws and based off the screw checker it could juuuust have been one of two sizes but it siezed up on the imperial end at almost a half an inch in! That's pretty deep and shows just how close they can be!

Also sorry if this is confusing as heck, it's, like, 2:30 am right now, and despite my waking up a few minutes ago, I might not be fully UP if you know what I mean. :newmametchi: