should I get a V3 or Keitai Akai?


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Feb 20, 2020
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Hello everyone,

Ive been collecting tamagotchi since im 7 years old, but recently my wish of getting a v3 tama skyrocketed. After reading a about each version I found out abt the Keitai and the Keitai Akai cellphone connection capabilities, that were similar to the tamatown feature, so I got even more interested in getting one after reading that.

But well both the features are now unavailable, but I still want a new tamagotchi,  so my question is, should I buy a Camo Keitai Akai or Transparent Yellow v3?

In what ways are they different and is there any way to have access to the password systems, or tamatown even?

I know the passwords were generated on the tamatown servers,  and that there is an algorithm and all that, but is there an easier way to obtain passwords?

Thank you anyways!!

TL;DR: should I buy a tamagotchi v3 or the Keitai Akai?

They are completely different tamas. Keitai is much, much simpler than a v3. Keitais have passwords for items though, as you understand they are a pretty old version so the cellphone website they connected to was very early 2000's cellphone thing. I love keitais myself but they are a tad too simple at times but have some cool features, like connection items (items you can use only during a connection with another keitai) for example. They are pretty cheap too. I think the EnWarehouse (Windows exclusive software) supports Keitais? But I'm not sure. I just know there are passwords for items. Plus they have stuff like no shop, only street vendor that comes every day (it's a thing in Japanese connections) and I think if you accumulate some dead tamas, you can can save another tama from dying by calling their ancestors. It's a cool feature.

V3s are a bit more substantial in my opinion and I think have a wider array of characters to raise, that said not everybody is a fan of them. They have a lot of characters that aren't seen too often in other versions, a lot of them being Osutchi & Mesutchi characters for example. I love the items, they have cool animations. The tamatown passwords are a bit tougher of a nut to crack on this version but things are being worked on currently, as seen above. Actual tamatown is not available but tbh aside from souvenirs (that are completely unusable items) and being able to buy some items on demand instead of waiting for them in the shop the v3 tamatown wasn't much more than something people miss because of nostalgia rather than actual functionality, it's one of the versions that doesn't suffer TOO much from lack of tamatown in my opinion. 

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Well i ended up getting the camo keitai akai, right now im also having fun with my music star so i think something simpler like the keitai is great to change things up a little. 
But thanks for the links, ill make sure to bookmark them!

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