Smart 24in1 baby&pets clone log-(comments welcome)


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Allright, today is actually raining and the vpet alarmed sunny weather event. So myth busted, the alien is not psychic, the pet is not predicting the actual real weather!
Turned 3 years just last night, if all goes well will be 4 years old iconic alien with cap this weekend.
As predicted, 4 years old today and the iconic alien look with hat:
It will stay same for 4-5 years and will evolve into a mystery final form at 6 years old. That is, if the old device allows it to survive, my poor octopus went blank when 5 years old last week so I am not keeping my hopes up.
Final form at 6 years old turned out to be a big dissapointment
Why is this ugly and morose looking? Because they straight up copied super gyaoppi's 'bad' 2 yrs old evolution for this program's final evolution, I think:
Here is the alien's super gyaoppi bad evolution, and the duck's bad 2 yrs old evolution was used for 24in1's final duck version too, I remember! That's a let down because those forms are not very cute and do not look like 'final' all. I wish 24in1 used another evolution for the final form, there are a lot of to choose from!

Duck is passable at least as semi cute punk rock duck but this creature is not remotely adorable. Heh.

My new 24in1 will be arriving this week hopefully it will have a better screen and everything. Then I will start a new pet in that one. This alien will live for now, but both screen problems and its ugly final evolution make me sad. The pet is fun to take care for and is my childhood nostalgia, so there is that.
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Allright, I am sorry to say I hit reset and I am trying to squeeze in one final pet run, this time I chose penguin.

One of the super gyaoppi guys again, just to try to prove that the final form uses super gyaoppi's 2 yrs old bad form.
@Penguin-keeper should be interested :)

Penguin births from an egg, I forgot to take a picture of it.
0 yr old penguin chick is identical to super gyaoppi's, and is cute with huge happy feet prancing around.
Feeding delicious fish
Playing games
Hey, I like that animation! Even sad the penguin looks cute.
Happy animation is very precious, too! Way better than super gyaoppi's, the penguin had a light bulb there, cute heart depicts joy/happiness much better.

Uh, I think I played too many games, the sleep meter emptied (it only had one bar at birth) in half an hour! (when inactive, it takes 3-4 hours!)
I like this reactivity in this program, the more games you play, the pet gets hungrier and tired quicker! Makes perfect sense and is a fun challenge to try to balance hapiness/sleep balance.


But at least hapiness meter is totally filled:
(Dead pixels strike again!)

So I turned the lights off to allow the penguin to sleep:
The sleep screen is the best <3
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Amazing news!
New 24in1 came in today to my workplace, I had to wait till I get home to try it out.
Chose octopus, pikachu 24in1 had killed my octopus so I want to grow it up to final form now!
Birth screen
And the cute tiny octopus blob is here and hungry! I can't stress out how beautiful the screen is compared to pikachu.
Feeding hamburger to a baby octopus, yesss I love the quirkiness of this program!
Playing games, the screen has a footbal field isometric view which makes it fantastic when playing the football game.
And octopus rejoices! Dug into my old vpets box to find a ballchain link for it.
Comparison with pikachu shell, the penguin there is 1 years old. Dinkie shell and screen is smaller but more crisp and beautiful and no dead pixels!
Sleeping the baby octopus, omg the screen is sooooo good!

I will retire pikachu shell for now, it is very ancient and screen is going worse, I don't want it to go completely dead. Hopefully this time I will grow a humongous octopus!!!

Final comparison, pikachu shell is %100 cuter but the screen is %1000 better in dinkie.
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It was going so well, 1 year old:
2 years old:

But Cthulhu or something is against me, I just can't seem to get the huge octopus I my bag as I travelled today the vpet got resetted. This happens quite often with these old vpets, a hard bump or slight fall is enough to reset them, had this a lot as a child. Dropped my 10+ years old pet to the floor and it got resetted...tears followed, lol.

I am a grown up now so no tears, so went my octopus down the drain. Bye, buddy! I will play with you later again!

Out of frustration I want to try out a different aquatic pet, this time a crab.
Baby crab looks like a spider, and adorable at that! I never played with crab before so it will be interesting, hopefully. Love the little bubbles.
Playing games to make the crab happy, hey is that a tooth?
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1 year old just today, I heard the 'little birds fly' jingle and am amazed how cute the crab evolves:
It pooped at the same time it aged to one. That was an awkward birthday celebration! :-D
Non gyaoppi based evolutions of this pet are so precious!
This is so cool! Looks like a cuter Kingler pokemon! With one pincer being noticably bigger.
Love this!
4 years old, iconic crab from the selection screen! Dancing across the screen.
I am naming it Sebastian from Little Mermaid, heh.
I found the original cover case picture on the net, and printed it out...I felt such overpowering nostalgia.
Sorry crab but I used to play with the duck the most as a child, so I wanted to relive that again.

Duck's mature form is the beloved dungaree duck from super gyaoppi! Aww I just love love love this sprite to bits!
So started it up, duck comes from the egg.
Here I printed the original cover in all its glory. I am so happy that I was able to find the keychain exactly like the original 24in1. Actually, this one belonged to my dinkie penguin, but now is forever attached to 24in1.

Daww! I missed this baby duck animation. Fun fact, as a child I got bored of this animation before it aged to 1 year and resetted it- then regretted it immensely. I thought this was just a basic smiley face with no smile...however now I can see it depicts a top down view of the duckling as it looks up, with its beak. I never imagined it was a beak as a child.
Heh I was even more fickle as a child when it came to vpets it seems, but duck became my number #1 favourite for so long. I even drew it as a cartoon character in some of my English notebooks, I had so much fun. I called it 'My Crazy Duck' as I remember seeing that name in another bootleg duck vpet I didn't have a chance to buy.

When losing a game, dungaree duck's angry face is very cool- so much expression of tiny feathery anger!
And winning game face is just so precious! Love the animation, this is 'My Crazy Duck!' (tm) after all, it is coming back to me! Ahh.
After many tears, sweat and blood...I got the dungaree duck!
The reason it was so hard because this dinkie dinoa clone is very fragile, a slight bump resets it. Add the fact that it takes 2 or more days for it to age, and a lot of effort goes to waste.

I stopped putting in into my bag, the bag is bane of it. I must carry it in my pocket and now the weather is getting colder I can use my loose raincoat and I also put my hand in my pocket around it as a cushion.

It was hard and scary work but
1 year old duckling, so cute, the animations are very much like gyaoppi but subtly different. The screen resolution is a little different (22x16 in 24in1, 32x16 in gyaoppi) so the 24in1 looks a little wider.
2-3 years old good duck
When it looks at the screen, the face is exactly like 0 year old! That's a nice detail!
And now the dungaree duck is here at 4 years old! So precious, it is a lot plumper here than gyaoppi, and it makes it all the cuter! Made me happy to watch it!
6 years old, this is the final form of duck in 24in1. Incidentally, this is the bad form of super gyaoppi at 2 years old. However 24in1 forms are set in stone and not dependent on care. They copied a lot of bad evolutions of gyaoppi as final form in this program- like the alien I previously raised. In any case, this duck form is a lot cuter than in gyaoppi because it looks plumper. Alien was ugly.
I dropped my iphone on it and it got resetted, bye bye ducky. See you next time. Ugh. At least I got the hang of it, a direct hit on top of the device resets it. I need to be even more careful when handling it.

At last I managed to bring the octopus to full adulthood! This is the final form of octopus
It is so big and bouncy and it actually looks like an octopus, prior evolutions were more squid like.
I remember adoring this final form as a child, I managed to get it to 20+ years old (that should take close to 2 months!) and I left it to my mother one night, she forgot to put it to bed and in the morning I found it dead. I was so sad I guess I sulked to my mother for quite some time, heh.
That was 25 years ago.

Lets see how long I can take care of it now, without the eventual strike and reset.

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