Spring 2018 Group Hatch Log! (Starts 4/13/18)


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Hey guys, sorry I didn't update yesterday, not much really happened with Artur (there was a little event thing but more on that later). Nothing much has happened today either really, so here's some pictures of an occurrence from when I had him go outside yesterday!


Grow a tree, and then the tree dumps a ton of petals onto your head! The tree, of course, is temporary, as this is a random event that just happens sometimes


Name: Artur

Age: 5

Gender: Boy

Generation: 5

Stage: Adult

Breed name: Kuromifuwatchi

Parents: Tsumamifuwatchi (Tethys) and Kuromametchi

Alright, that's today's post! I'm planning on marrying Artur off tomorrow, so that may be my last post in this hatch! Look forward to that!!
I'll look forward to seeing that too! Please share what the baby looks like as well :)

Hi, everyone!! So, today was the big day, you guessed it - Artur got married!!


He went over to Flower Hills, to pop the question to Chouchotchi, with whom he'd been building up a relationship for quite some time


She accepted the proposal!!


Celebratory fireworks ensue...


The marriage is made official, sealed with a kiss!


The newlyweds ride off into the sunset! (maybe not really but it just sounds better)


The happy couple, now at home, with their egg!

So, that's where Artur's generation finishes! With that in mind...


Name: Artur

Age: 6

Gender: Boy

Generation: 5

Stage: Adult

Breed name: Kuromifuwatchi

Parents: Tsumamifuwatchi (Tethys) and Kuromametchi

And, that marks my last entry in this group hatch log! Thank you all for having me, I enjoyed posting here, and I love reading everyone else's entries so even if my generation is finished I'll still be checking back here for everyone else's!!

I'll look forward to seeing that too! Please share what the baby looks like as well :)
I'll be posting about his child on my own tama log shortly! You can see the baby there!!

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Hey! Things have been slow with Clove and I, but also exciting!

First off, yesterday Clove finally managed to get a job! I was waiting for a while and nearly thought something was wrong, because I thought the letter that comes in the mail for these kinds of things was taking a while to get here (it had been a day since Clove had turned an adult, and usually I get the notice the same day) but that might have been because I paused Clove occasionally in the past. I really don't like doing that. Anyway, Clove now has a job and works in the TamaTown bakery.

Today, Clove also evolved from a Ura Mametchi to a Hyottokotchi! I was really working with him on the humor points, and he eventually turned into a Hyottokotchi after reaching 361 of them. I really like this character a lot more than I think I do Ura Mametchi.


I don't know whether I'm going to let him breed or not. I will have to think about it, because while he is a cool tama, I also kind of want his image in my history, and that might not happen if he doesn't breed, so that's a possible incentive for me to let him do so. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, I guess.

So we end the day with 5 year old Clove, with 361 funny, 88 gorgeous, and 59 spiritual points and weighing 30 pounds.

Hello! It's been a while since I've posted here, but I'm back for one last post, as well as an explanation.

Now, I haven't posted in about five days, and this has been due to technical difficulties. I needed to work on the internals of my tamagotchi for a bit, and that set us back a few hours. It was no big deal till Clove turned six, and the Matchmaker came. She was supposed to bring a mate for Clove, but instead she caused the game to freeze, so I had to reset everything, which set us back further. Clove was five for about three days, and yesterday he turned six again, and this time the Matchmaker brought someone, a Ura Debatchi, and they had a son together!

Here is his son.


Clove leaves tonight. I don't think there's much more to say, so I'll leave off with his final stat count. Clove is a 5th generation, 7 year old male Hyottokotchi with 385 funny, 127 gorgeous and 142 spiritual points. He weighed 31 pounds at the time of writing, and has full training with full happy and hungry bars. His son will be the sixth generation, and his successor.

This concludes our participation in this hatch! It was fun, thank you, and good luck to everyone else raising their tamagotchis!

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