Stubborn ghost genes (meets)


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Sep 23, 2019
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Hi all ^_^

I am currently running my pastel meets, my first marriage was to a ghost which i thought was adorable and lucky since someone accepted my lovelitchi proposal. However they are beyond adorable now as I have married other tamas to get cute genes and every tama i've had have come out as ghosts. I get hopeful in child and teen stage since I usually get the other parent's genes but as soon as it evolves into adult stage I end up with a ghost. I'm really fed up with the ghost genes now especially since i've been trying to get pumpkin genes or now at this point any other genes.

Please see some off my failed attempts in order of marriage :D

I just married this cute tama so hopefully different genes...

Do you think my tama is glitched or am I just unlucky and keep getting the same genes all the time. It's to the point where I want to reset my pastel meets and i don't want to use mymeets since I use the meets app. Any suggestions or help? 

Oh my gosh.  Some of the genes on these things are super hard to get rid of.  My first run on the Meets I was stuck with that ninja mask for like 10 generations.  It was crazy!  I was mildly happy when it died so I could try again LOL
10 gens... I would of gotten fed up sooner lol. I kind of wish I just let my tama die instead of resetting but I wanted to play again straight away. I kept getting ghost bodies. 

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