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Jun 20, 2017
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I had a super gyaoppi in my childhood, a friend had broken it and my parents did not let me buy another one as a 'lesson' not to lend my everything.

It has been 25 years. I have been wanting a super gyaoppi 9in1 for so long, I literally saw it in my dreams....I found one from USA. Mailing it to where I live was an ordeal, it cost me 45 dollars and it rebounced from customs once, for some reason. A friend was visiting from usa so he took my toy on the plane to me...

And when it came it had a terribly stripped screw:

I brought it to a professional watchmaker and he was able to take the screw out, it now has one screw but...but it works! I chose duck immediately:
Look at that, the screen is perfect, sounds are awesome, the toy is...oh I have dreamed about this for so long! (I really saw this in my dreams.)

Hatched the cutest duckling ever!

Look at that tiny beak. Aww...

I know my way around this pet, I have played it before...oh it all comes back to me. The feeding :
I know from experience that feeding animation shows this tiny blob until the pet grows up.

This fun game:
It is dodging the falling icicles or whatever, this game is fun and NOT luck based for a change. It requires reflexes and actually paying attention, just like, I don't know, a REAL GAME! Wow!


Winning makes duck happy!

Karugamo, meet your new baby brother!
Here is my duckling with my dungaree duck/Karugamoland. Like a big brother. I know gyaoppi has more varied evolutions but I really hope I can get the dungaree duck here, too!

I am ecstatic to have a working super gyaoppi in good condition! Can't wait to share how my new duck grows up! Yay!
Sure poops a lot. One thing I noticed, there was no call/attention icon and I didn't hear it beep when it poops. Is it normal or is my disfunctioning? All other sounds are okay.

Poop truck comes and takes the poop away. Which is hillarious. I know this animation is from the first gyaoppi dino series, where it kinda made sense that a dinasour made mountains of poop that required a truck to move. This may be lazy for the developers but it sure is hillarious.


However, the ducky refused to let go of the poop later, it didn't allow me to clean it up. Lol. That's quirky. Ofcourse, the pet just needed a good discipline:
I then was able to clear the poop away. I guess this was like a potty training. Haha.


After filling up the hapiness with games, and pooping mountains of poop, the ducky's sleep meter was totally empty so I put it to bed. Here this sleep animation is so nice, it is very similiar to my first vpet smart 24in1, (which was a knock-off of gyaoppi multipet) I love this screen.
@Penguin-keeper thought the bopping up and down things in this screen were trees, they remind me of houses and roofs, buildings breathing in and out in-rythm with people sleeping inside. 24in1 animation was clearly building rooftops. This calms my soul just to watch.
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@Penguin-keeper thought the bopping up and down things in this screen were trees, they remind me of houses and roofs, buildings breathing in and out in-rythm with people sleeping inside. 24in1 animation was clearly building rooftops. This calms my soul just to watch.
Man, I love this screen too! :biggrin: The screen on my own Super Gyaoppi is very faded - the photos in my old log are clearer than it is in person, so it really did look like trees to me, haha!
The pet wakes up by itself at 8 am! I did not remember that at all, from my childhood. Luckily I heard its call and was able to put it back to sleep for some more hours, I needed my extra sunday sleep, too!

Need to be careful for that, I hated the pet wakes up and goes to sleep on its own in dinkie style pets and 1st gen tamagotchi. Okay that is more realistic and immersive but can be really hard and inconvenient when one has a different schedule or wants to sleep late. In any event you can still wake up/put to sleep super gyaoppi any time you want, so this is convenient.

Here is the special weather function, unique to Gyaoppi family. When it shows sun you need to give your pet a hat, or when it rains you need to hand out umbrella. Failure to do so might make the pet sick from exposure, the instruction manual says.

Overall it is a nice extra feature to care for your the dinkie dino/penguin's temperature change and air conditioning feature. This is more straightforward and bug-free, though. Gyaoppi duck (which I intend to get at one point) also has a thunderstorm in addition to rain and sun, Thunderstorm has an impressive animation in which screen flashes with thunder. There, you need to put your duck into a shelter from the storm. The animation is soooo cute for that one!

It beeps when the weather turns ugly, but still it does not beep when it poops. I vaguely remember it used to beep for poop too, I may be misremembering. I only notice the poop when I check the screen.
And this pet poops a lot, far more than my Karugamoland, which technicaly is a 'shortened gyaoppi clone' (minus weather function and with a seriously diminished max life span-my record is 11 yrs for that one, documented in my other thread. I hope super gyaoppi will live far beyond that. )

1 year old duckling, my bestf says it looks like a lettuce. Heh.

This evolution is always the same, tomorrow 2 years old evolution will depend on the care, there are two possible outcomes for 2 years old-one bad and one good. After 3 years and up there are numerous posibilities. I still wonder if I can get the dungaree duck. I never got it in my super gyaoppi when I was a child, though I guessed it existed since it was the default adult form in my 24in1 vpet. And I was smart enough to guess even as a child that one vpet copied the other since they shared so many similiar functions and sprites.
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Uneventful day, feeding, playing, cleaning, and discipline...I still have the whole week off, no work, so I can give the best care.
Gyaoppi pets have two different evolutions for 2 years old. One is a nice, cute pet and the other is more of a rebel with spiked feathers, darker tones, etc. This means you either get the nice version or an edgy version. I think I got the nice ducky:
It may be due to hapiness and/or discipline, I tried to make both meters full whenever I can.
Thank you! Yeah, buying vintage stuff like that is a bit like a gamble, the seller I bought is on ebay, he said he never ever opened the box. He could not even guarantee that it would work. Plus shipping it from usa to where I live was a huge ordeal like I said, for some reason it rebounded from customs once.

I was afraid of battery leakage but it was surprisingly clean inside, only one screw had been corroded with rust and the passage of years so badly that it crumbled under my screwdriver. As a result my screwdriver was not able to get a hold on it, I panicked a bit with frustration but a local specialised clockmaker had a magnet-like special screwdriver that pulled the faulty screw fast and was able to open it up easily. He only charged me for new batteries too, which was so nice of him.
Allright, filled the discipline bar finally, and kept hapiness as full as possible.

Card guessing game is horribly glitchy, it sometimes freezes when the card turns to reveal the number. I vaguely remember it was like that in my old gyaoppi as well. I even had to reset once in my childhood run, because freeze did not resolve on its own. Scary.


3 years, got a nice plump duck. I got this good duck in Karugamoland too, right before it turns to dungaree duck, which may mean I am on the right track. I try to do the same I did with my karugamoland, trying not to overfeed. In my childhood I used to overfeed and always keep the food meter full...I remember my super gyaoppi duck turning into a pig-faced duck quite often as a result, I think. (Karugamoland becomes sick often and dies young as a result of overfeeding!) I don't want to see pig faced duck, I want the awesome dungaree duck!
I got the dungaree duck! Cutest duck in the evolution chart by far!

I never got this as a kid, but I was not an experienced vpet player back then.
I think I got the hang of it now. To get dungaree duck:
-feed well, keep it balanced but not overfeed, do not feed to full. avoid being overweight. I also gave lots of water, if it has any effect?
-keep hapiness as high as possible
-keep discipline as high as possible
-never get sick


I havethe evolution chart, and there are lots of mutated ducks, like snake, fish, snail, tortoise, pig. I wonder if they have to do with bad care. Maybe starving causes snake duck (reminds me of nyorotchi) too much water causes fish, too much sleep turns into turtle, too much food turns into pig duck, etc. This is all speculation and brainstorming on my part.

Let's see if I can keep the dungaree duck with perfect care continuing... <3
Heard happy birthday jingle today, 5 years old... aand still dungaree duck! Because I kept up the perfect care. Cool!

After 4 years old, feeding animation shows grown up animal instead of tiny blob:
Wine drinking naughty ducky!

And eating plates of delicious delicious rice

I will start working next week and I will be really busy during the day, so I may not be able to keep up the best care for ducky, it may evolve into something else. Regardless, until then, I am having fun with my crazy duck:


Funny I shared this on my whatsapp and a surprising number of friends answered with heart signs and asked where did I get such a cool tamagotchi (technicaly, it is a vpet, bu still) and that they had loved theirs when they were a child. That made me chuckle and feel really good.
8 years old, I did not change my care routine, so dungaree duck stayed the same since 4 yrs old . However, after tomorrow I will be very busy at work so my care will not be the best, we'll see if it may cause my ducky to evolve into different forms.
In other news, gyaoppi duck (guwappi) arrived!
The shell is sooooo cute!

Screen& sound is perfect!

It is clean too! So lucky!

Here are all my duck vpets, super gyaoppi is 10 years old today and still didn't change from the dungaree duck. That's like a whole week it stayed in the same form. Well, dungaree duck is the cutest and my most coveted form so I am not complaining.

Karugamolands I took the batteries out and they will stay offline, I can play with them in the future again they are so nice, only problem is their lifespan is too short. They live up to 9-11 years old. I love how hardy/long living original gyaoppis are, I saw a 39 years old super gyaoppi in a Russian forum!

I will try the guwappi duck later too, I think it has evolutions from both karugamo and super gyaoppi and is overall a very nice and cute pet. The cover art is especially well done, so much character and cuteness in those simple drawings! I really dig that! In comparison, karugamoland cover is more stylistic and colorful but one can never understand it is a duck game unless one can read Chinese, those eggs look like generic tama eggs.

I do not wish to give bad care just to make my super gyaoppi evolve into different form. I can't be mean to my super gyaoppi on purpose! I will make it stay up late though, until the sleep bar is completely empty. We'll see if it affects the evolution.
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I will be at home for the next 3 days. Super gyaoppi is 13 years old and still did not change. So I started up guwappi duck.
After setting up time, the duckling hatches exactly 5 minutes later.

Look at that, this duckling has a more pronounced beak. It travels all around the screen but is a bit chaotic at times, jumping from one corner to the middle, although it is not too jarring.

For food, there is only main food and water. I give one glass of water with each meal. I think this is important to prevent sickness. There is no snack.
The feeding animation shows the grown up duck, although the animation is noticably faster than super gyaoppi.

For games, there is guess the side and card game.
This is exactly like karugamoland, but it has a sun drawn in the background.
Guess right, and ducky rejoices:
Guess wrong and you get an earful:
If you win 3 times of 5 ducky becomes happy.
I try to solve the best way to win the game, karugamo had a rhythm I could learn and guess...this one is different, I need to play more.
Card game is very osbcure and I have no idea how to win it, you choose left card and right card, if it has a smaller number you win. The card symbols change constantly so there may be timing involved. However it may be purely luck based...Need to experiment more.

I like super gyaoppi's falling icicles game, it is purely skill based and gets very actiony as icicles drop faster and faster.
However, I love guwappi's sound effects a lot more, the happy/angry jingles are very reminiscent of my very first vpet as a child, smart 24in1 baby&pets!
That was a gyaoppi clone, and while inferior, it was my first and most beloved vpet. It seems it copied sound effects from guwappi. The call jingle (when the pet needs something) is exactly the same melody in guwappi and smart24in1- it is a tune I kinda remember as a child song music, but I can't name it and I am not sure if it is actually a well known tune, or is my brain wrong?

That call music starts at 0:48 in this video, can someone confirm if this is a famous tune or not? It sounds so familiar to my brain but I can't name it. Maybe it's because of the impact that 24in1 baby&pets had in my childhood?

Anyway, poop cleaning is the same comical animation, a bit faster than super gyaoppi, and not as loud:

It is now 4 hours since I started up guwappi, and it pooped three times. Interestingly, it starts with one sleep bar and it still has one sleep bar. I filled its heart bar (hapiness) and it did not drop, either. In supergyaoppi sleep bar drops in 1-1,5 hours and heart bar also drops every hour.
However, guwappi has 4 bars in place of supergyaoppi's 8 bars! (super gyaoppi actually has 4 bars each consisting of two smaller bars)

So, guwappi seems a lot less demanding. Supergyaoppi is quite a bit more demanding, my dungaree duck called for weather, poop and education all at the same time quite often!
However, the bars in guwappi may be able to overflow to double it, it was like that in 24in1. It too had only 4 bars but they could fill (invisibly) again so technicaly it had 8 bars (8 pieces of food and the pet wouldn't eat more) if you win a game 8 times, the hapiness will be doubly full and it will take quite some time till you notice the meter begins to deplete- it will start to deplete from the invisible second meter of 5 to 8.
24in1 also had a peculiar bug that when it slept for too long and the sleep meter overflowed, it would empty totally. Heh. That pet was weird like that, being an inferior clone but it was charming.

If it is the same here in guwappi I may need to play more games to keep the hapiness double-overflowed since hapiness plays a huge part on evolutions, I think.

At this point I am not sure which vpet copied what from each other, guwappi, karugamoland (tamakaci), 24in1 baby&pets and super gyaoppi all are very similiar but all have their own quirks.

Here is the evolution chart for guwappi, the top line seems to be the best care with my coveted dungaree duck there, and the two other evolutions in that line are what I learned from karugamo and super gyaoppi that shows you are on the good pet track.
The second line seems to be neutral path I got this with karugamo when I first played and did not know the best care for the pet. (fed too much!)
The third line seems to be the worst, almost an evil path with morose looking duck and a bat-duck. Heh. And the tombstone/unhappy ghost seems to be the final destination just like karugamoland. However there seems to be a secret ending for dungaree duck, it may be the angel ending from super gyaoppi.
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Weather is a nice feature unique to gyaoppi family, and the ducky can get sick if you don't protect it from exposure.
Here, sun is sizzling:
Give a cap and:
Ducky is safe and happy:
Dawww I can't get over how cute that little animation is. Super gyaoppi does not have wearing stuff animation since it has 9 different animals, it just shows the happy animation when you do so.
This pet also has a third weather, thunderstorm, I look forward to see it also.

I paused super gyaoppi, when you push a+b buttons for 5 seconds, the screen curtains down and up and it is paused for as long as you want. Doing the same button push unpauses. A very handy feature, I like super gyaoppi, I want to play with guwappi a little more right now and I want to give best care so running two together would have been a hassle.
Weather is a nice feature unique to gyaoppi family, and the ducky can get sick if you don't protect it from exposure.
I love the weather scenes in the same way that I love the night-time scene - they're very atmospheric for 1-bit artwork. :smile2:
Yes, animations are very adorable.
Here is discipline call, this animation is the same with karugamoland, however karugamoland's first frame was cut in half, a glitch or copying error perhaps. This animation more clearly shows the 'teacher' giving lesson looks like a duck, too! In super gyaoppi a boy with spiked hair gives lessons (which may be the player's avatar, since it also shows that spiky hair kid in game vs score screens.)

Sleeping animation is the most dearling thing yet, the scenery shows like a nice happy house (a farm house?) and the moon and the 'Z' contracts slightly as if breathing. Super gyaoppi to me shows a cityscape but it moves a bit faster, looking just the tiny bit of hectic. This screen is more relaxed:


I am getting more smart24in1 baby&pets vibes from this vpet than the super gyaoppi, the sounds, jingles, and animations remind me of my first vpet.

Here's the thunderstorm, the animation is impressive, the screen flashes with thunder:
You need to put the ducky into a shelter, it goes into a small house like structure and becomes happy. Very cute.

1 years old today, lettuce feather ducky, pooped at the same time it grew up to 1 yrs old.
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I unpaused super gyaoppi and after 2 hours it grew up to 13 years old (sorry, it was 12 years old I was mistaken)
However it shouldn't hava aged if the pause time was not considered, I think.
13.jpg It also changed into this form,kinda like daffy duck in guru pose, I gave the same care, however pausing/unpausing may not be working as I thought. I am not sure if I get penalised for using pause feature or it was going to change anyway?

Ehh I felt a little guilty for that, I removed batteries from guwappi and shelved it for now. It is an excellent vpet but I want to play with super gyaoppi now, I will save it for later. I plan to play vpets exclusively and give the best care I can to a single one at a time. I don't plan to buy a new vpet soon (I already spent too much money ^^' ) so these will keep me busy/happy for a long time I hope :)

Yep, that's definitely a meditative pose.
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14 years old, pig mask-duck?
I thought this evolution was based on too much food and being overweight and I was being careful. Still got it, so it may be just random? Hmm. I will not give any snacks for one day and see how it will turn out.
Weather was so good today I took my gyaoppi to work and it was okay, I was able to attend to it every 1-2 hours. It evolved into good, plump duck as I was out in the gardens for a minute.

The screen has faded a bit I think, ducky is 15 years old so it is nearly 20 days since the batteries were inserted. Were the batteries bad or does this vpet use up battery faster? Hmm.