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I got the dungaree duck! Cutest duck in the evolution chart by far!
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I never got this as a kid, but I was not an experienced vpet player back then.
I think I got the hang of it now. To get dungaree duck:
-feed well, keep it balanced but not overfeed, do not feed to full. avoid being overweight. I also gave lots of water, if it has any effect?
-keep hapiness as high as possible
-keep discipline as high as possible
-never get sick

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I havethe evolution chart, and there are lots of mutated ducks, like snake, fish, snail, tortoise, pig. I wonder if they have to do with bad care. Maybe starving causes snake duck (reminds me of nyorotchi) too much water causes fish, too much sleep turns into turtle, too much food turns into pig duck, etc. This is all speculation and brainstorming on my part.

Let's see if I can keep the dungaree duck with perfect care continuing... <3
First, I want to say that I have enjoyed reading through your vpet log. The different duck characters are unique and adorable! I was wondering where you found the evolution chart for the Super Gyaoppi 9-in-1 that you showed in this comment. I also have that pet, but I haven’t been able to find complete growth charts for the different animals (most of them have a bunch of question marks on them).
Didn't change for 9 days from dungaree duck, and became an angel at 26 yrs. Notice 'became an angel', not 'died'. Lol. Other vpets show macabre tombstones and sad spooky crying ghosts. Super gyaoppi shows a happy bouncing angel if you took good care of it. Ehh, a little less traumatizing for a child, I think.

I may try alien or frog next time and can share evolutions if there is interest. Hmm.
@Gerbiltchi oh thank you! I found the image in Russian vk sites about tamagotchis/trading. They are really into virtual pets, gyaoppis are particularly well liked. Tamakachis and apollo pets are known too. They even have an encyclopedia about vpets! Very very informing if you can use google translate well.
Here is the full chart for super gyaoppi (including horse for 10in1) yeah there are very weird evolutions I particularly like the octopus and crab (evolving from the frog!) and the wooden, swaying toy horse! Note that 2 yrs old has two different evolutions one for nice and one for 'edgy' teen. Also, notice that in good ending, frog becomes a prince ala the fairy tale frog prince!!! (instead of angel like others) very creative and fun!
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I started anew with duck, and wanted to raise an unruly/low discipline one.

Discipline function is different from what I expected. Once a discipline call is made, it stays on forever and you can not feed, play or clean before giving discipline, the pet rejects it. I waited for more than 1 hour and the discipline call never ended. The discipline meter did not drop, either. I thought after some waiting discipline call would end and lower the discipline bar but that's not the case, it seems. I had to give discipline after ignoring it for 1+ hour since I can't interact with the pet otherwise, I can't even clean the poop and I feared it may get sick.

Instruction manual says that if you use discipline icon for no reason, discipline will decrease. This is flat out wrong, if you choose discipline without a reason, the pet gets angry but discipline does not drop a bit. Hapiness meter rapidly drops, however. I believe there is no way to drop discipline bar.

But, if you ignore discipline calls for long like I did, I think it accumulates some negative points and it affects evolution. My 2nd year old duck became the edgy one, despite it had full discipline bar and hapiness bar as usual.

I like this form quite a lot, since this is the final form of duck in my first and favourite vpet smart 24in1 baby&pets, for some reason. They copied gyaoppi animations and for some reason chose this one after dungaree duck as the final form of duck. (24in1 forms are pre-determined and never random) So it stays like this starting at 6 years old all the way upto 20+ I was able to raise as a child. So it is a sentimental favourite of mine.
14 years old, I understood that if the pet sleeps too much, (sleep bar full or near full) it turns into meditative duck in the first page. It then takes a few days to evolve into pig mask duck, then into good plump duck and then into dungaree duck with perfect care! As long as you keep the best care, dungaree duck stays.


My vpet had a very chaotic sleep schedule, I had to put it to sleep and wake in short intervals. I think this is also bad for health, for today it got sick for the first time! That was scary! I always clean the poop and take care in its feeding, so I think sleep pattern problem is the cause.

An injection cured it, luckily. Couldn't take screenshot however.
I had to pause my super gyaoppi quite often, I had a very busy work week (been covering for the co-worker on leave too, and will do so again next week) so my duck devolved and evolved a few more times, but dungaree duck stayed most of the time-and my dungaree duck is


26 years old and still alive! Fun thing about weight: it never goes over 99G. When you feed rice it gains 2G, turnip givess 1G, and winning a game loses 1G.


The screen started to fade a little, had to look a bit from this angle for the sharpest image, though it is not serious. Is this normal after 1 month+ of installing new battery, or is it because the device is very old and some little chip or screen thingie is dying off?
Short update, my dungaree duck is now at the same age as me! How crazy is that?

I love how long lasting this run turned out to be...I hatched this duck on May 12th, it has been 43 days together!!! (had to pause when work got too busy) I get used to my super gyaoppi so much, it became like a retro comfort blanket or teddy bear-like thing for me in my middle age, haha.

With gyaoppi you can feel the bond and companionship when the run lasts this long. With tamakacis and dinkie stye pets I experienced, they last max 10 days and they die just when you are getting used to them.
I had a super gyaoppi in my childhood, a friend had broken it and my parents did not let me buy another one as a 'lesson' not to lend my everything.

It has been 25 years. I have been wanting a super gyaoppi 9in1 for so long, I literally saw it in my dreams....I found one from USA. Mailing it to where I live was an ordeal, it cost me 45 dollars and it rebounced from customs once, for some reason. A friend was visiting from usa so he took my toy on the plane to me...

And when it came it had a terribly stripped screw:
View attachment 9537

I brought it to a professional watchmaker and he was able to take the screw out, it now has one screw but...but it works! I chose duck immediately:
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Look at that, the screen is perfect, sounds are awesome, the toy is...oh I have dreamed about this for so long! (I really saw this in my dreams.)

View attachment 9540
Hatched the cutest duckling ever!

View attachment 9539
Look at that tiny beak. Aww...

I know my way around this pet, I have played it before...oh it all comes back to me. The feeding :
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I know from experience that feeding animation shows this tiny blob until the pet grows up.

This fun game:
It is dodging the falling icicles or whatever, this game is fun and NOT luck based for a change. It requires reflexes and actually paying attention, just like, I don't know, a REAL GAME! Wow!

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Winning makes duck happy!

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Karugamo, meet your new baby brother!
Here is my duckling with my dungaree duck/Karugamoland. Like a big brother. I know gyaoppi has more varied evolutions but I really hope I can get the dungaree duck here, too!

I am ecstatic to have a working super gyaoppi in good condition! Can't wait to share how my new duck grows up! Yay!
I know what you are going through when it cames to buying from the US. At the moment I have only found 3 sellers selling a gudetama tamagotchi in the EN version and all of the them only ship to the US... I have basically begged to them on the Ebay messages to please ship abroad as I am willing to pay but they can't due to taxes, my next step now is to hope for a friend that will visit the US soon 😂
I know what you are going through when it cames to buying from the US. At the moment I have only found 3 sellers selling a gudetama tamagotchi in the EN version and all of the them only ship to the US... I have basically begged to them on the Ebay messages to please ship abroad as I am willing to pay but they can't due to taxes, my next step now is to hope for a friend that will visit the US soon 😂
After my first purchase I was able to find ebay sellers from US that ship to oversea countries. However, I had to pay shipping fee that is more than a single item cost, so I bought two items at the same time (which barely affects shipping price)

I find it very curious that the majority of virtual pet/tamagotchi sellers are from USA.
In the night, my super gyaoppi duck gave up the ghost and became an angel at 41 years old! I think this might be a new world record for super gyaoppis, I once saw a 39 year old cat on Russian forums as the oldest super gyaoppi.
Since I have no work this week, it stayed as dungaree duck. Super gyaoppi is not as chaotic as I first thought, with perfect care you can get the 'Perfect' pet and keep it in that shape with some effort. Only when you make mistakes it evolves/devolves into other forms. Which can be boring, but dungaree duck is such a cutie I was content with it. If I run another pet I would definitely want it to change more frequently, though.

I took the batteries out (they were very weak anyway, I have been playing since may 12 th!) and shelved super gyaoppi for now. Definitely will play again!

Other news, I tried out my karugamoland (ducklands) but to my horror, the pink one (the one in the *new* condition) didn't start up. When I install the batteries it gives out the beeep sound as it starts out but there is nothing on screen, the screen does not even come alive, and the beep never ends. Tried resetting, taking out batteries/trying again to no avail. I am afraid pink karugamo is dead. Why? I stored it in a closed container, never dropped/bumped it around. Ah well, old age caught up with it, maybe and some transistor or other electronic thing just gave up? Even though it was in pristine condition. My white karugamo was in *used extensively* condition, in a lot worse condition, screen is faded, even the background image was cloudy, voice volume was low, buttons were very loose and unresponsive, but it still works when I put the batteries. However I can't bring myself to play the white karugamo in that condition, after experiencing pristine clear pink one's screen/sound/buttons. Such a shame.



I took the keylink chain and attached the cute keyring from dinkie penguin to my gua pi and started it. My first and beloved virual pet 24in1 had this exact same keychain, and it suits the gua pi too. Super gyaoppi is better with keyring chain, since it is oval and has a wider width.

I had to abandon my previous run, so likely this time I will play to the end and hope to get the dungaree duck here too! That would be perfect! However this may be harder as I am not %100 sure about this pet's logic and there are more evolutions in this one.

I have to say, gua pi's screen is a lot better than super gyaoppi. Even when considering both with fresh new batteries, gua pi's pixels are just sharper and easier to see. I think the producer firm used better components when making gyaoppi and gua pi pets. And when making super gyaoppi they had to cut corners in component quality, since they put 9 pets in this one in a new/advanced programming?

One thing to not as well, super gyaoppi's pet wander animations are faster, they change frames at a hectic pace, nearly at the double speed of normal gyaoppi and gua pi (and I also thin chupi and bowpi-the super rare dog one). Gua pi duck changes animation frames slower. Which may contribute to faster battery drain on super gyaoppi's part? We will see.
Things differ in programming vs super gyaoppi:

Hapiness bar drops a lot slower in guapi, in super gyaoppi bar drops a bit each half an hour. You need to play the dodging game a lot if you want to keep the pet hapiness at full. Here, from what I see, hapiness drops only one bit in two hours: a lot less need to play the game, which is good because 'choose which side I will stop looking at' game is finicky. I always think I get the timing right and do so most of the time, but sometimes I lose anyways.

Pooping and weather events are at the same frequency, I say. Discipline call was a lot more frequent, I was able to give dicipline three times, filling up the discipline meter to 3/4 nicely. Today the pet duck is 1 years old (the new form I had a picture in the 1st page) and I was unable to attend to it for 1-2 hours. During this time I think a weather event came and since I missed to equip guappi duck with appropriate clothing (cap for sun, umbrella for rain, shelter for thunderstorm) I found my pet sick with skull/crossbones sign flashing. Injection cured it. It again became sick one hour later, so needed another shot of medicine. Wow, missing a weather event is VERY bad for guappi duck's health!

Also also, I noticed discipline bar became empty! I think I missed a discipline call, too! Wow! In super gyaoppi discipline bar never dropped down no matter how many hours I ignored the discipline call. Here in guappi, if you miss a discipline call the pet becomes very naughty and empties its discipline bar, it seems. This is important because evolutions depend on discipline, too, I think.

So guappi is more reactive to neglect than super gyaoppi, at the same time, it is more lax in keeping hapiness bar full. This is ease of use so you don't need to play its minigames too often, however, at the same time if you neglect your pet there will be more serious repurcussions in terms of discipline bar and pet health.

We will see if my 1-2 hours of neglect would affect future evolution path, it will diverge to three different paths tomorrow. I can make up for the lost points until then, maybe. I was able to fill discipline bar to half already. Still, I fear I might have missed 'the perfect care' route to dungaree duck? Even if it is so, I may make up for the loss and still get the dungaree duck, I hope. If mistakes are not-redeemable, it may lock out of the perfect path? I don't know yet, we will see.

I can say this reactivity is better than super gyaoppi's already.

EDIT: It's raining:
Choose umbrella and
And guappi is happy:

And I thought ducks had water-proof feathers, and would not mind a bit of rain :D
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Guappi duck ages slowly, I think the time spent in sleep does not count towards 24 hour goal of aging 1 year. It was like this in my beloved 24in1 baby&pets, too! So it takes 2-3 days to age 1 year.

Also, sleep bar empties very slowly, 4-5 hours of activity is not enough to drop one bar, but sleep of 2-3 hours can fill up a bar.

I didn't hear a discipline call and guappi emptied its discipline bar again, augh. I was able to fill it up to half again, thoough.

What I do is I filled the hapiness bar to 8 wins, (the bar has 4 stages, but I think it doubles on itself for a total of 8 stages-feeding bar is like that too, guappi can eat 4 more meals even if its bar is full at 4 stages- after the 8th meal it is truly full and can't eat more) and I win a game every 2 hours to keep it at perfect (8 bars!) hapiness.

Guappi finally aged to 2 years old just minutes before and I got the good evolution path, I think:
I remember this evolution from karugamo land

It is the good path and I was able to get it even with half discipline bar. I think hapiness is more important, I also take care not to overfeed (overfeeding was the #1 baddest thing to do in karugamoland, it closes off good path and causes the pet to die at early age) other than one time experimenting of 8 meals, I always keep the hunger meter at 2-3 bars, never make it full. Give lots of water to drink, too!

It is nice to know that even though my run was not perfect: I forgot one weather event, and because of that guappi got sick twice, and emptied its discipline bar twice- naughty, naughty ducky! Keeping it at top hapiness still ensures good evolution path to dungaree duck as shown in the manual1.jpg
In my first run of karugamo, I got the middle evolution path, I remember those budgee and weird bird looking evolutions.

It was due to overfeeding, I think. In a later run, I was able to get dungaree duck.
Ahh, looking at that old thread makes me sad as my pink karugamo does not work anymore...and it was so shiny and new compared to the faded, decrepit white one. Sigh.
I was terribly busy todady, couldn't attend to guappi for 2 hours, found it doubly sick (two skull and crossbones) I guess I missed a weather event again, and discipline bar emptied again and bleh.
3 years old, unruly punk rock hair duck:

I guess getting dungarre duck is going to be a lot tougher in this pet. Me sad.

In other news, I found my holy grail vpet: smart 24in1 baby&pets, abeit in a different bootleg shell. Programming seems to be the same though. I ordered it from Thailand of all places, and I am not %100 sure if it will come to me safely. It may get lost during shipping, or seller may just not send it I don't know. Oh how I wish to have it once more, it was my very first vpet, and definitely my very very very favourite. They are impossible to find anywhere on the net, though, this Russian lady in the youtube video

had *a lot of* it (plus a lesser version 18in1) 9 years ago but I can find no way to communicate with her so...

Bah, a hope is better than anything, I know that vpet is not very good, but I adore its simplicity and cute programming.
There is another bootleg I have 49in1 which shares a lot of things, but it is sooooo very inferior in many ways.

Fingers crossed, I hope I can get my 24in1 in a few months...
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I had a hectic work load, and had to put guappi to sleep, and it slept a bit more than usual, its sleep meter was filled and it woke by itself, and became sick twice in 10 minutes! So, oversleeping also makes it sick.

I don't like this, if you miss 10 minutes of a weather event it becomes sick twice, and I fear doubly sick may cause death if not cured within a time frame. This pet is very frail in health and sleeping is very difficult to take care as well. For a working player with changing timelines, this pet is difficult to take care for.

Super gyaoppi on the other hand, does not wake up on its own (except it wakes on 8 am, but you can change the ingame clock to prevent that) plus you can 'pause' the pet if you are too busy. I tried pause and superspeed functions on guappi but they don't work. Supe gyaoppi is also a lot hardier and does not get sick this easily. You just need to play the dodging game often to keep it happy.

4 years old, squid duck:

I think it mutated and lost the 'good evolution path' because of my not so ideal care. What can I do, workplace was chaotic and I was really tired. Bummer.
I have a model that is exactly the same as yours, which is Gyaoppiiiiii. Like yours, I found it by searching for weeks. Because none of them were like the virtualpet of my childhood, and I finally found a Gyaoppi. I've been now.
Actually I have a question ....
when I put him(mine is frog) to sleep, does the screen stay on appearing to be completely asleep, the point I'm worried about is that the batteries will run out like this. Is the screen always on?

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