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Jun 20, 2017
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Here after my dungaree duck became an angel at 26 yrs old, I wanted to try something different, the frog in my super gyaoppi 9in1.
I won't post as detailed gameplay here as I did in duck thread:
Here frog egg bursts and a cute tadpole says hello:


0 year old tadpole is hillariously cute and smiley:
This world may be too cruel for you, froggie, don't worry I won't let that smile dissapear, I will take care of you!


For food, there is main food which looks like...umm. I am not sure. Special pellet inside a bag? I can't say. What do you think it looks like? Snack is a tasty, plump bug! Yum!


Playing games as usual lets me see the adult form's happy/angry animations. Happy frog is very jubilant!

1 year old, changed somewhat, budging forelegs?

2 years old today, the tail is getting smaller while fore and hindlegs are developing. I like froggie still smiles despite having obvious growing pains. This is very cool. Frogs are very interesting creatures, and they are very magical to children who can experience and learn metamorphosis.

Nearly every child sees tadpoles in a nearby pond and when told they are not fish, they turn into frogs !!! it is one of the magical teachings of childhood.

Super gyaoppi's evolution seems very scientificly accurate so far. Ofcourse tadpoles do not eat bugs they just eat green algea and other decaying greens in their pond, but that's ok.
Here, my froggie seems to be in this stage of growth, shortening tail/budding legs.

I wonder if I can get some unorthodox evolutions like crab, octopus or fish. Yes super gyaoppi frog can transform into these forms, and I would LOVE to have an octopus!
I have no idea if they need good or bad care, however, I suspect they come with some form of bad care, since they are mutations and deviations from a frog.

We will see.
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All was going well, I took my gyaoppi to lunch in my pocket.
I think it got a hit from something or what, and I found it crashed:
My Karugamoland was also resetted in my pocket, so this happens. This happens to every vpet tamagotchi owner, it is like a rite of passage.

I hope it crashed because of some pressure, getting hit by something when in my pocket, and it is just not malfunctioning. :(

I resetted and it seems to work normal now. I wanted to try the super speed mode, restarting frog:

When you push A+C it turns sound on or off.
If you push and continue pushing A+C for 5 seconds, it starts up speed up mode. In this mode seconds go as minutes! You can check the game clock and see minutes flying by.
The vpet requires extra special care during this time, you can't put it down no. You need to constantly feed, clean and play games as hapiness and food meters drop very fast.
Anyway, it also works while asleep so charging sleep meter to full take 10-12 minutes. (10-12 hours)
So in 24 minutes you get a birthday!

I gave the best care again, never letting hapiness drop too much, never skipping discipline calls, never letting weather make froggie sick, etc.

Now 3 years old and is back to normal mode: (A+C for 5 seconds again turns the speed mode off)
A nice enough froggie, but this has almost no animation, just moves up and down and sideways. A bit dissapointing after hillariously animated energetic tadpoles. But really, tadpoles are very animated and energetic while grown up frogs tend to stay still for quite some time, so at least it is realistic? Oh well, hopefully I will get different evolutions tomorrow.

I will be careful not to leave it in my pocket for too long. This was a hassle but I was able to get back to where I was in playing non-stop for 1 hour or so. Super gyaoppi has this nice modes. There is also pause mode which is A+B for 5 seconds. There is also a history mode that shows previous pets if you push A+B+C for 5 seconds, although changing batteries cleans the history.
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4 years old, good frog:

I knew this was going to be the evolution I get, because I gave the best care/discipline. And gyaoppi clone 24in1baby&pets used this frog character for 4 years old. In that vpet the best evolutions are automatic, dungaree duck was also the 4 year duck in that one. So this is the equivalent of dungaree duck, mametchi of gyaoppi pets.

Feeding animation now shows tongue in action!

I will try to give the best care and see if it will evolve.
I plan to raise a unruly-low discipline-edgy duck or another pet later, I guess that will cause new evolutions.