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Can I have some tips? I'm thinking about getting a Tama.
You can have some tips, always check on your tamagotchi. If you don't check it might have gotten sick,
pooped or in even worse cases, die like mine. Always feed or play with it if one heart is empty.
And also, playing with the tamagotchi is better than feeding it treats, it will die if you keep giving it treats
instead of playing it. :tarakotchi:
Uni is fun, but be aware there's no way to actually turn it off or remove batteries if you need a break from it. There are updates, too, since it is a Wi-Fi Tama.
I Think That You Have To Make Sure The Tama Has Ran Out Of Battery Then Charge For 2 Hours. Hold Down The Middle Button When Your Ready To Play Again, Or Just Let The Batteries Die.
I'm actually getting Zuccitchi, but I showed my little sister your infallible
tricks, and now shes planning to get Mimitchi on her tamagotchi 😙.
getting Mimitchi is almost like getting Mametchi discipline must be 100% and she must keep happy and food at 4 hearts hope she gets Mimitchi

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