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Jan 14, 2011
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The location is a lie
Yo! This RP is self explanatory. You're a tamagotchi. You live a happy life in tamagotchi world, going to school, hanging out.. Yeah. You get the point.

Do whatever you want- Go to School or work, go to the mall, become a music star, travel, hang out with buddies, and even have romance.

(If you want, try to imagine it real life style)

Places in Tama World:


Music City

Guru Guru Town

Patchi Forest

Mame City

UraTama Town


Don't Spam. It isn't cool unless it's in a can. But even then it tastes bad.

Don't Swear.

Don't Powerplay.

Be as creative as you want- Your Tamagotchi can have laser sword battles if you want, that would be epic. :3

Don't control other people's characters.

No Arguments.

No advertising crazily.


Have buckets of fun.



Type of Tamagotchi:

Age (Human years work)





Other (Crushes, any other things?):


Name: Cade/Blaze

Type of Tamagotchi: Mametchi/Kuromametchi

Age: Both are 16 in human years

Gender: Both Male

Personality: Leaderlike, Cool, Confident/Short tempered, little reserved, laid back.

Likes: Sports, Math/Reading, Sports

Dislikes: Movies, art/Same as Cade, but hates school in general.

Other (Crushes, any other things?): N/A / N/A

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Name: DJ

Type of Tamagotchi: Young Mametchi

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Personality: artistic,kind,and somewhat funny

Likes: video games, drawing, playing, Computers, and Science

Dislikes: bullies

Other: none

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Name: Dazzling

Type of Tamagotchi: Dazzilitchi

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Personality: Fun, Loving, Helpful, Kind and Cheerful.

Likes: Drawing, Music, Having fun and hanging out with friends.

Dislikes: Bullies, stressing alot and disasters

Other: Nothing

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Cade sat down in his class, and got out his books. Blaze, even though he normally didn't skip school, he decided to skip school to go hang out in town.


Type of Tamagotchi:Medolitchi

Age (Human years work)13


Personality:Friendly Kind Funny hepful cool

Likes:Friens drawring playing her Violin

Dislikes:Bullies bad stuff

Other (Crushes, any other things?):nope

Meody went in Music to learn how to play her Violin

Melody decided she didnt like lthe Violin she wanted to sing or play geitar or both so she tried to play her guiter and she was great

I am good at this i might try some more

Blaze went out to the streets of Tamatown. He was pretty poor, so he had to play his guitar on the streets to get money. he sighed, and walked out to the streets. He began to strum his guitar and sing.

Melody smiled as she walked a** and gave money cuz she is genorirs

Blaze kept playing and singing, and he got more and more money.

Cade walked into a cafe and sat down with coffee.

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