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Aug 8, 2020
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I own a Tamagotchi Friends I used to pause every so often due to my inability to keep up, until I noticed the pet was stuck at being 1 year old for more than a week, and i deduced it must have been because I paused him during nighttime, so i left him without pausing and he eventually evolved in a Maimatchi, so teen phase. This, while still being 1 year old. Pretty strange, because a year should pass in 24 hours, right?

So i used the clock trick to go to the moment he wakes up and noticed that made him actually gain a year, and i tried doing that until he was 6 years old, so an adult. It eventually worked, but with a little detail: he's still a Maimatchi, he hasn't evolved at all. Is it because of the cheat? How can I make him evolve now?



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Apr 27, 2020
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Tamas usually evolve when a certain amount of in-game time has passed, not just due to the age number, also, sleeping time doesn't count towards evolution. So if for example you need 6 days for it to evolve to adult stage on the Friends, a rough estimate of around 144 hours minus the sleeping time need to pass for it to hit adult stage.

As for it being stuck at age 1: Tamas usually age a number either when they wake up, or when midnight strikes, depends which Tama version you're using.

I reckon just keep using it without pausing as much as possible. I don't think you have a glitch, just more time of it being awake and unpaused needs to pass.

Best of luck  ;)

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